27 September 2017
Romanian Ruling Party Pitted Against Corruption Agency

Social Democrats close ranks as two of their ministers face abuse of office allegations in a corruption case involving the party’s boss.

anti-migrant fence Bulgaria and Turkey
13 September 2017
Romanian Coast Guard Rescues 150 Migrants on Black Sea Premium

Hundreds of migrants have entered Romania by sea or been sent back to Turkey already this month.

4 September 2017
Video at Romanian Supermarket in Hungarian-Majority Region Gets the Internet Talking Premium

Some argue that video confirms stereotypes about ethnic Hungarians who wouldn’t serve you in Romanian, while others say that its author had a hidden agenda.

1 September 2017
Romanian PM “Will Try” to Withdraw Rosia Montana’s UNESCO’s Bid Premium

International arbitration with company who invested in the gold mine might be playing a role in bid to undo the area’s protected status. 

28 August 2017
Romanians Vent Fury in Latest Anti-Government Protests Premium

In what has become a recurrent feature of Romanian life, opponents rally against a political class seen as corrupt and insensitive.

23 August 2017
How to Start a New Life in an Old Transylvanian village

Two young people from Bucharest brought to life the history and culinary traditions of an ethnic German village in Romania. From Decat o Revista. 

By Ana Maria Ciobanu and Mircea Restea
21 August 2017
Sex Scandals Hit Romanian Orthodox Church Premium
Believers are demanding more accountability from church leaders after embarrassing revelations about the clergy.
18 August 2017
Macron, CEE Leaders to Discuss Contentious Labor Rules Premium

Critics say French president’s vision of a more ‘protected’ Europe means discrimination against low-wage EU countries.

16 August 2017
Royal Romanian Headache for Israeli Tycoon Premium

Two separate legal cases have thrust the sometimes murky world of Romanian real estate into the light.

14 August 2017
East European Hackers Face Extradition to U.S. Premium

Romania’s ‘Guccifer’ accuses U.S. intelligence of breaking into Democratic Party computers amid tumultuous 2016 presidential campaign.



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