6 October 2015
Romania Bucks Anti-GM Trend

Despite strict regulations, EU is a major buyer of biotech grain.

30 September 2015
Romanian Premier Survives No-Confidence Vote

After court appearance, Victor Ponta is backed by ministers as thousands call for his ouster.

29 September 2015
CIA’s European Prisons Back in the Spotlight

Romanian MPs deny hosting ‘black sites,’ Poland says U.S. is hampering its own probe.

21 September 2015
Romanian PM to Face Corruption Trial

Victor Ponta refuses to resign, denies charges dating from before his time in office.

Migrants Croatia 100

18 September 2015
Croatia Closes Border After Two-Day Migrant Influx

Orban plans to build another fence, this time along Hungary-Croatia border.

11 September 2015
Romanian Prince Owes Millions to British Magazine

Libel lawsuit results in multi-million dollar tab for nephew of former king.

8 September 2015
Bucharest Mayor Held in Corruption Probe

Plus, EU diplomats warn Bulgaria to get serious about battling high-level graft.

Raivis Dzintars 100

5 August 2015
More EU Anti-Migrant Protests, Russia Unveils Aerospace Force Premium

Plus, latest Ukrainian peace talks end in acrimony; Kyrgyzstan looks ahead to elections as it mends fences with Moscow.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin
13 July 2015
Serbia’s Premier Denounces Srebrenica Attack, Romania’s Ponta Faces Graft Charges Premium

Plus, the deeds of a fabled Red Army unit may have been more fiction than fact, and Moldovans march for a union with Romania.

By Timothy Spence
10 July 2015
A Black Eye for Croatia and Romania, Poland Legislators Debate IVF Premium

Plus, a Serbian war-crimes suspect is extradited to Croatia and a Russian court date is set for Ukrainian filmmaker’s trial.

By Piers Lawson, Ioana Caloianu, Barbara Frye, and Clare Speak



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