27 May 2016
Romanian Cinema Feted Yet Again

After more success for the country’s films at the Cannes Film Festival, talk again has turned to the prolonged run of quality that the country has managed for over a decade.

24 May 2016
Romanian Hospital Scandal Takes Deadly Turn
Central figure in investigation apparently dead in car crash.
23 May 2016
Romanian Cop Becomes Facebook Star

A traffic police officer who documents stories from his job has amassed a loyal following on the Internet.

13 May 2016
Russia Furious Over U.S. Missiles in Romania, Poland

Missile interceptors are ‘1,000 percent’ aimed at Russia, Duma defense committee head fumes.

11 May 2016
Hospital Scandal Brings Down Romanian Health Minister

Achimas Cadariu is fourth cabinet minister to exit the wobbly government in less than a month.

28 April 2016
Culture Minister is Latest Victim of Romanian Ballet Battle Premium

Infighting and political interference threaten to shatter the country’s leading opera house and ballet company.

21 April 2016
Le Pen Backs New Nationalist Party in Romania Premium

Romanian politicians not happy about Marie Le Pen’s support for a newly formed right-wing and Eurosceptic party.

19 April 2016
Romania Could Be Kicked Out of Eurovision Premium

Huge debts of national TV station might prevent country from participating in popular song contest. 

15 April 2016
Romanian Dancers Square Off Premium
Spat at national ballet company also appears to take xenophobic turn.
12 April 2016
Romania Looks to Public to Fund Art Premium

Government launching a donation drive to help pay for classic Brancusi sculpture.




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