28 September 2016
Russia Outrages Romanians with Measly Donation to Buy Brancusi Statue

The 100 euro donation, and a video accompanying it, brought back memories of a Romanian treasure yet to be returned from Moscow. 

15 September 2016
U.S. Envoy to Romania Accidentally Supports Szekler Autonomy
Ambassador says he joined group photo with minority group’s flag to be ‘polite,’ but Bucharest is not amused.
14 September 2016
Romania And Bulgaria Got Into the EU Too Early, Finance Watchdog Says

European Court of Auditors has disclosed that the two countries became members despite its recommendation to wait.

14 September 2016
Forgotten Champion

Though Romania rarely makes its way into the international press, the country should be lauded for its recent progress.

By Martin Ehl
9 September 2016
War of Words Premium

Recent “news” about a transfer of U.S. nuclear weapons to Romania showcased how disinformation, whether Russian-initiated or not, can benefit Moscow. 

By Peter Gross

31 August 2016
Romanian Unicyclist Delivers Daring Stunt Premium

Footage shows Romanian Flaviu Cernescu performing stunts on the edge of a very tall chimney.

25 August 2016
Moldova Receives First Tranche of Romanian Loan Premium

Initially rejected last November, the loan comes after pivotal IMF deal, and coincides with Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos’ first visit to Chisinau.

18 August 2016
Romania at Rio 2016: Dressed Down, and Underperforming Premium

In addition to posting its worst Olympic results in the past half-century, the Romanian Olympic team has to put up with allegedly low-quality, athletic gear.

11 August 2016
Romania Dismisses Sky News Gun-Smuggling Story as ‘Setup’ Premium

British broadcast on arms trafficking in Romania scrutinized for alleged unethical journalistic conduct.

2 August 2016
Former Romanian Communist Officials to Stand Trial Over Death of Dissident Premium

Four people were charged for arresting and abusing Gheorghe Ursu, a writer and dissident who died in police custody in 1985. 




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