4 February 2016
Romania Suspends ‘Prison Publishing’ Loophole
Convicted politicians and wealthy businessmen have shaved months off of their sentences by publishing ‘scientific work’ while behind bars.
25 January 2016
Romania: Corruption Crackdown Stalling Construction

Romanian officials’ fear of facing corruption charges is delaying billions in EU loans, stalling sorely needed infrastructure projects.

18 January 2016
Romania Wants Permanent NATO Black Sea Force

At NATO’s July summit, Bucharest will propose that a regular multinational naval force patrol the area.

15 January 2016
Romania Protects Ancient Site From Mining

Rosia Montana’s historical value outweighs the gold and silver in nearby deposits, the government decides.

13 January 2016
Illegal Logging Named a Threat to Romanian Security

Half of Europe’s virgin forest outside Russia is at risk from rampant unregulated cutting.

8 January 2016
Romanian Senators Propose Amending ‘Books by Crooks’ Law

Prisoners can reduce jail terms by 30 days for each work of ‘scientific value’ they publish.

21 December 2015
Romanian Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Seize Billionaire's Assets

Jailed agriculture magnate Ioan Niculae, Romania’s richest man, still controls some 50,000 hectares of agricultural land.

16 December 2015
Romanian Shepherds Win Reprieve for Dogs

Opponents of law restricting sheepdogs’ numbers say it caters to rich and powerful hunting lobby.

25 November 2015
Romania to Pay 1989 Protesters
ECHR rules in favor of demonstrators injured in Bucharest uprising that brought down Ceausescu.
20 November 2015
Romania Stamps On Fire-Safety Violators
Dozens of clubs and other venues face closure in wake of Bucharest nightclub tragedy.



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