20 November 2015
Moldova: Water – Source of Corruption? Premium

Moldova’s environmental fund give grants without much oversight; one to the village of Gura Cainarului may land its mayor and local business in hot water.

By Marcela Zamosteanu, and Dorin Galben
10 November 2015
Romanian President Rejects Moldova Loan Premium
Chisinau left almost bereft of potential aid donors.
10 November 2015
Moldovan Justice: Fast and Furious Premium
Politics make for strange bedfellows, but politicians of all stripes see one man, Vlad Plahotniuc, a billionaire ‘gray eminence’, as having orchestrated their arrests or prolonged detentions.
By Marina Shupac
5 November 2015
Moldova: Virtual Sex, Real Crime? Premium

If the Moldovan women erotic webchat operators are providing virtual ‘sexual services,’ then under the law, their bosses could be considered ‘pimps.’

By Nicolae Cuschevici, Marian Dorofeeva, and Daniela Timofti
30 October 2015
Moldova Faces Long, Hot Winter After Government Falls Premium

Shadow of massive bank fraud hangs over the country’s liberal parties.

29 October 2015
Politician’s Arrest, Release Spotlight Moldova’s Split Personality Premium

Pro-Russian party leader claims to have tapes incriminating leading politicians in misdeeds.

27 October 2015
Investigation: Desheli’s Business Practices Exposed Premium
How the cosmetics firm in Moldova has been drawing people, unwittingly, into the clutches of loan companies.
By Iurie Sanduța, Mariana Jacot, and Raisa Razmerita
22 October 2015
Investigation: The Hidden Assets of Moldova’s Gun Shop Bosses Premium
How some top managers are ignoring the law and keeping their businesses and property out of public view.
By Nicu Calcea and Veaceslav Aftene
Protest moldova 100Protest moldova 100
21 October 2015
Moldova: The Billion Dollar Question Premium

On the brink of bankruptcy due to corruption Moldova, like neighboring Ukraine before it, is at risk of imploding.

By Corneliu Rusnac
16 October 2015
Moldova’s Ex-PM Held Over $1bn Fraud Premium

Vlad Filat was arrested in parliament after having his immunity lifted.




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