5 October 2015
Moldovans Protest, Threaten Nationwide Strikes Premium

The NGO at head of massive protests over a $1 billion bank fraud threatens ‘civil disobedience.’

22 September 2015
Head of Moldova’s Beleaguered Central Bank Resigns Premium

IMF team due in Chisinau for talks on a possible bailout.

14 September 2015
Thousands Hold Anti-Corruption Protest in Moldova Premium

Unrest continues after $1 billion vanished from bank coffers last year

7 September 2015
Moldovans Demand Change Premium

Plus, U.S. stealth fighters visit NATO allies and Croatia’s foreign minister sets sights on top UN job.

2 September 2015
Ukraine Coalition Weakened as Rightists Quit Premium

Death toll rises to three after far-right groups assault parliament.

Valeriu Strelet 100

28 July 2015
Azov Battalion Leader’s Death Raises Questions, New Moldovan Premier Named Premium

Plus, violence racks Macedonia’s biggest Albanian party and Poland tilts farther into the no-euro camp.

By Ky Krauthamer, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin
24 July 2015
Czech Pol Jailed in Corruption Case, Lugansk Rebels Claim to Find U.S. Weapons Cache Premium

Plus, Moldova’s whistleblowing education chief is tipped for prime minister, and Kosovo arrests a high-ranking judge.

By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin
22 July 2015
A Moldovan Yerevan Premium
Near-bankrupt and facing utility rate hikes and budget cuts, is Moldova in for a period of unrest?
By Kamil Calus
13 July 2015
Serbia’s Premier Denounces Srebrenica Attack, Romania’s Ponta Faces Graft Charges Premium

Plus, the deeds of a fabled Red Army unit may have been more fiction than fact, and Moldovans march for a union with Romania.

By Timothy Spence
29 June 2015
Armenian Protests Continue, Macedonia Adds to Greek Bank Woes Premium

Plus, a bid to create a war crimes court in Kosovo falters, and a pro-EU mayor wins re-election in Moldova’s capital.

By Timothy Spence



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