23 November 2015
Balkan Migration Policies Under Fire
Amnesty and three UN agencies blast new measures in Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia aimed at restricting refugees.
19 November 2015
Balkan States Restricting Passage to Migrants from War-Torn Countries
Only migrants from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are being allowed passage through several Balkan states, media reports say.

17 November 2015
Freedom from Expression
Balkan EU hopefuls failing to ensure freedom of expression, the European Commission says.
By Tihomir Loza

12 November 2015
Macedonian Opposition Joins Government
Socialists take interim Cabinet posts as part of Western-brokered deal aimed at resolving political crisis.

2 November 2015
Rare Balkan Cat Wins New Lease on Life

European rules may bar EBRD from funding dam project in Macedonian mountain park.

8 October 2015
Macedonia Kills 'Gag Bill' Amid Protests Premium

Draft law was hoped to criminalize publication of 'bombshell' materials from mass wiretapping scandal.

21 September 2015
New Macedonia Special Prosecutor to Lead Wiretapping Probe Premium

Small-town prosecutor Katica Janeva to lead big-time investigation into alleged crimes, bugging of 20,000 people.

Mitko Cavkov 100

7 August 2015
Macedonian Police Raid ISIS Suspects, Analyst Warns of Russian Advance in Ukraine Premium

Plus, Croatia condemns flag-burning in Belgrade, Czechs to toughen up gambling laws.

By Clare Speak, Ioana Caloianu, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin
3 August 2015
Slovaks Say ‘Nie’ to Asylum Camp, Tatars Want Crimea Returned to Ukraine Premium
Plus, commemorations held for Roma killed during the Holocaust, and summer holidays trump Macedonia’s reconciliation talks.
By Timothy Spence
Valeriu Strelet 100

28 July 2015
Azov Battalion Leader’s Death Raises Questions, New Moldovan Premier Named Premium

Plus, violence racks Macedonia’s biggest Albanian party and Poland tilts farther into the no-euro camp.

By Ky Krauthamer, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin



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