23 November 2015
Balkan Migration Policies Under Fire
Amnesty and three UN agencies blast new measures in Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia aimed at restricting refugees.
19 November 2015
Balkan States Restricting Passage to Migrants from War-Torn Countries
Only migrants from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are being allowed passage through several Balkan states, media reports say.
9 November 2015
Croatia’s Opposition Claims Victory
Conservatives take narrow lead in contest with economy, migrants main issues; Most alliance emerges as kingmaker.
6 November 2015
No Clear Favorite Ahead of Croatian Elections
Migration and the economy are dominating the campaigns of the governing center-left coalition and opposition HDZ party.

4 November 2015
Serbia, Croatia Launch Migrant Trains

The trains, a rare sign of cooperation between former enemies, allow migrants to skip prolonged waits at border crossings.

20 October 2015
Migrants Set Sights on Slovenia
Relations between former Yugoslav countries are being tested by the migrant crisis.
19 October 2015
Balkans Face Increasing Migrant Backlog Premium

Balkan refugee mayhem ensues as Hungary seals another border.

15 October 2015
Croatia Might Need Anti-Migrant Fence, Says President Premium
With Hungary threatening to close its border with Croatia, Grabar-Kitarovic says erecting a fence may be inevitable.
24 September 2015
Croatia-Serbia Trade Bans, Barbs Over Migrants Premium

Tit-for-tat border row escalates as Zagreb reportedly one-ups Belgrade’s ban on Croatian cargo and goods.

21 September 2015
‘Visegrad 4’ to Reject EU Refugee Quotas, Again Premium

Central Europe remains dead set against mandatory distribution of refugees.




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