5 October 2015
Tossed by the Waves of History

Bulgarians are feeling torn between fear of an influx of refugees and empathy with their plight.

By Boyko Vassilev
5 October 2015
Russian MiG Maker Slams Bulgaria Over Poland Deal

Bulgaria, looking to wean itself off dependency on Russian weaponry, turns to Poland to fix its fighter jets.

30 September 2015
Lions Exchange Bulgarian Captivity for African Reserve

New law bans circuses from exhibiting wild animals.

24 September 2015
Bulgaria MPs Approve Judicial Overhaul

Move hoped to appease Brussels after its criticism of court system.

Migrants Croatia 100

18 September 2015
Croatia Closes Border After Two-Day Migrant Influx

Orban plans to build another fence, this time along Hungary-Croatia border.

18 September 2015
Bulgaria Scraps Statute of Limitations for Communist-Era Crimes

Cases which could now be investigated include 1978 ‘umbrella killing’ in London.

8 September 2015
Bucharest Mayor Held in Corruption Probe

Plus, EU diplomats warn Bulgaria to get serious about battling high-level graft.

4 September 2015
The Real Meaning of ‘Shop ’Til You Drop’ Premium
Malls have a lot to tell about what went well and what went wrong with the Bulgarian transition.

Malls have a lot to tell about what went well and what went wrong with the Bulgarian transition.

By Boyko Vassilev
12 August 2015
Bulgaria’s Edgy Relationship With the Vox Populi Premium
The people want their voices heard, but referendums are not deeply rooted in the political culture of Central and Eastern Europe.
By Boyko Vassilev
12 August 2015
Russia Puts Screws on Small Farmers, Belarus Tries to Cope With Ukrainian Migrants Premium

Plus, WWF releases 50,000 baby Danube sturgeons in effort to save the endangered fish, and Serbia and Kosovo recognize each other’s car insurance schemes.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Thomas Chan Tsz Chun



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