9 February 2016
Of Judges and Slaves
Or, why a quibble over history topped all other news in Bulgaria.
By Boyko Vassilev

28 January 2016
Bulgaria Seen as EU’s Most Corrupt Country

It is ranked 69th out of 168 countries probed by anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI), who have designated it the most crooked in Europe.

21 January 2016
Bulgarian Police Abuse Migrants

Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuse Bulgarian police of summarily returning migrants to Turkey in addition to stealing their belongings and beating them up.

14 January 2016
‘Bulgaria Stream’ Pipeline Could Replace South Stream

Russia could build a pipeline to a new gas hub on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Boyko Borisov says.

8 January 2016
Lightning Strikes at Christmas Premium
Amid the deepening Russo-Turkish feud, incidents that at another time might look trivial are undermining Bulgaria’s institutions.
By Boyko Vassilev
5 January 2016
Russia Stops Buying Turkmen Gas

Energy-rich but lacking infrastructure, Turkmenistan looks to huge new markets in the EU and South Asia.

11 December 2015
Bulgaria Ruling Coalition Yet to Nominate Justice Minister
Failure to agree proposed successor to Hristo Ivanov, who resigned over weak judicial reform package, points to fissures in coalition.
10 December 2015
Bulgaria to Appeal Olympic Ban
Weightlifting team appeals to the sport’s highest court to overturn ban over alleged doping.
4 December 2015
Tied in the Russo-Turkish Knot Premium
Bulgaria should pray for Europe to lift the curse of history.
By Boyko Vassilev
3 December 2015
Courts Seize Fugitive Bulgarian Banker’s Assets
Sofia hopes to recoup $500m from former head of collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank.




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