26 November 2015
Bulgarian Diaspora Grows as Home Population Keeps Shrinking
Remittances from foreign-based workers are vital to the nation’s economy.
23 November 2015
Bulgaria Under Pressure over Media Attacks
OSCE calls for speedy investigation into reports that investigative journalists are being intimidated.
16 November 2015
Oxfam Accuses Bulgarian Gangs, Border Police of Refugee Abuse
Migrants tell of widespread extortion, robbery and violence by criminal gangs and police alike.
5 November 2015
The Winner Takes the Burden Premium

This is maybe his 10th or his 11th election victory, and friends and foes alike have lost count. Boyko Borissov, the prime minister of Bulgaria, looks unbeatable. 

By Boyko Vassilev
30 October 2015
Grenade Attack in Sofia Raises Specter of ‘Mobster Years’

Owner of car may face charges of running a crime gang, says he was not the real target.

26 October 2015
Balkan States Agree EU Migrant Plan, With Reservations
Leaders of Bulgaria and neighbors say they will not allow their countries to become buffer zones for stranded asylum seekers.
12 October 2015
Bulgaria Enlists Hollywood Help Premium
Public-private initiative aims to boost ‘film tourism’ to the Balkan state.
8 October 2015
Bulgaria Denies Kyrgyzstan Extradition Request Premium

Canadian mining company ex-CEO faces ‘trumped-up’ corruption charges.

5 October 2015
Tossed by the Waves of History Premium

Bulgarians are feeling torn between fear of an influx of refugees and empathy with their plight.

By Boyko Vassilev
5 October 2015
Russian MiG Maker Slams Bulgaria Over Poland Deal Premium

Bulgaria, looking to wean itself off dependency on Russian weaponry, turns to Poland to fix its fighter jets.




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