10 August 2016
Projecting Soft Power Through Hard Talk

Western envoys have often played the role of gadfly in Bulgarian affairs, to good effect.

By Boyko Vassilev
13 July 2016
Bulgaria May Join Iran-Led Transport Corridor Premium

Talks to continue on possible Iranian purchase of Russian-made equipment for a defunct Bulgarian nuclear plant.

13 July 2016
Whatever Happened to Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha? Premium

Deposed in 1946 by the Communist takeover, only to become prime minister more than half a century later, the last Bulgarian monarch is still leading a busy life.

By Lyubomir Martinov
7 July 2016
Bulgarian Government Goes Open-Source Premium

In an attempt to save costs and increase transparency, agencies can only procure customized software for which the source code is made freely available to the public.

6 July 2016
Bulgaria’s West-Bashers Embrace Brexit Premium
The EU’s poorest country these days is full of ‘wooden philosophers’ inspired alike by Michael Gove and Vladimir Putin.
By Boyko Vassilev
1 July 2016
Night Wolves Visit to Bulgaria Sparks Tensions, Clashes Premium

The arrival of the notorious pro-Kremlin bikers club triggers fights between supporters and critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

24 June 2016
A Wake-Up Call for Europe Premium

While many Central Europeans mourn the Leave victory in the UK’s referendum, the region’s leaders say the vote should push the EU to revamp its policies – and quickly.

By Lyubomir Martinov
21 June 2016
Hungary, Bulgaria Seek Escape From Russian Nuclear Deals Premium
EU sanctions and Russia’s dismal economy are making life difficult for all parties entangled in complex bilateral agreements.
17 June 2016
Bulgaria Won’t Take Part in Anti-Russia Military Buildup Premium
Bulgarian PM says he rejected a Romanian proposal to create a joint Black Sea fleet against Russia, while Romanian president cites a translation mistake.
16 June 2016
Turkey May Have Scrapped Refugee Deal with Bulgaria Premium

Bulgarian media are reporting suspension of readmission agreement, but Turkish Embassy denies major change. 




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