24 June 2016
A Wake-Up Call For Europe

While many Central Europeans mourn the Leave victory in the UK’s referendum, the region’s leaders say the vote should push the EU to revamp its policies – and quickly.

By Lyubomir Martinov
21 June 2016
Hungary, Bulgaria Seek Escape From Russian Nuclear Deals
EU sanctions and Russia’s dismal economy are making life difficult for all parties entangled in complex bilateral agreements.
17 June 2016
Bulgaria Won’t Take Part in Anti-Russia Military Buildup
Bulgarian PM says he rejected a Romanian proposal to create a joint Black Sea fleet against Russia, while Romanian president cites a translation mistake.
16 June 2016
Turkey May Have Scrapped Refugee Deal with Bulgaria

Bulgarian media are reporting suspension of readmission agreement, but Turkish Embassy denies major change. 

9 June 2016
Bulgarian Communist Monument May Get New Lease on Life
Two young digital designers and an architect are spurring new ideas for the building.
3 June 2016
Do I Love You More Than You Love Me?
Take care next time you call Cyrillic ‘the Russian alphabet,’ for you will surely offend a Bulgarian.
By Boyko Vassilev
3 June 2016
Bulgaria Braces for More Migrants Premium

Starting this week, EU countries can send back non-EU citizens who enter the bloc from Turkey illegally.

2 June 2016
LSD in Communist Bulgaria Premium

Doctors had been experimenting with LSD years before the psychedelic revolution hit the United States.

30 May 2016
Bulgaria Deports Migrants Back to Greece Premium

A first for the country might become the norm if part of new route to Europe.

5 May 2016
A Boy’s Own Tale of Chernobyl Premium

How a nuclear error hundreds of miles away helped start a war of the worlds in Bulgaria.

By Boyko Vassilev



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