Bosnia and Herzegovina

27 May 2016
EU to Bosnia: Publish the Census

Brussels says long-delayed failure to publish the results could harm country’s EU aspirations.

16 May 2016
Bosnian Serbs Take to the Streets

Despite worries, large-scale demonstrations for and against the government avoid violent confrontation.

9 May 2016
Famed Bosnian Mosque Reopens

Destroyed during the war, historic mosque finally welcomes worshippers as dignitaries hope for greater religious tolerance.


29 April 2016
More Bodies Uncovered in Bosnian Pit Premium
Victims likely from the wars of the 1990s.
26 April 2016
ISIS Recruitment in Balkans Continues

Visit by CIA head indicates heightened U.S. interest in the region’s contribution of foreign jihadist fighters.

13 April 2016
Bosnian Indiana Jones at It Again Premium

Intrepid archaeologist claims to have discovered another lost civilization.

4 April 2016
10 Arrested in Multi-Million Dollar Bosnian Bank Scam Premium

Clients of defunct Bobar Banka risked losing millions of dollars’ worth of deposits.


29 March 2016
French Journalist Jailed Over Srebrenica Massacre Revelations Premium

Former International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) spokeswoman arrested over the non-payment of a fine she received for revealing that the tribunal had withheld key information on the Srebrenica massacre.

25 March 2016
Karadzic Verdict Exposes Bosnia’s Unhealed Scars Premium

Srebrenica survivors outraged that former Bosnian Serb leader escapes life sentence; Serbian radicals rally behind him.

24 March 2016
‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Convicted of Genocide Premium

Hague tribunal holds Radovan Karadzic responsible for Sarajevo siege, Srebrenica massacre and other atrocities.




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