Bosnia and Herzegovina

1 December 2015
Bosnian Serbs Dismiss Ruling on ‘Statehood’ Holiday
A divided high court says the Republika Srpska holiday is discriminatory.
24 November 2015
Bosnia Floods - Catastrophe Authorities Forgot

Last year’s floods were the worst in 30 years, made even more damaging by a combination of institutional inefficiency and changing weather patterns.

By Semir Mujkic
19 November 2015
Bosnian Soldiers Killed in Sarajevo Attack
Alleged ultra-conservative Salafi Muslim commits suicide after opening fire on police with an automatic weapon.
19 November 2015
Fighters in Times of Peace
A couple returns to their home, which was devastated during the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
By Danica Jokic
18 November 2015
Bosnia Rising

The waters have long receded, but as aid dried up – or never materialized – a flood of questions remains for a Bosnian town at the confluence of two rivers and divided nations.

By Jim Marshall

17 November 2015
Freedom from Expression
Balkan EU hopefuls failing to ensure freedom of expression, the European Commission says.
By Tihomir Loza
13 November 2015
Serbia Giving $5.4m to Srebrenica
Bosnian town where 8,000 Muslims were massacred should become ‘bridge of cooperation,’ Serbia’s premier says.
5 November 2015
Serbian and Bosnia Leaders Hold First Postwar Meeting
Aimed at boosting regional cooperation, the talks come amid concerns the migrant crisis could ignite a new Balkan conflict.
Bosnia 100

29 October 2015
IMF Tells Bosnia’s Fractious Entities to Work Together

Squabbling in the ethnically divided country has delayed financial and other aid for years.

27 October 2015
The Human Factor in the Floods: The Curse of Poverty or State of Mind
More than a year after the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina the questions are being asked whether the human factor has contributed to the devastation.
By A.P.



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