9 February 2017
Bulgaria Wants Recognition for Ethnic Kin in Albania Premium

The intricate ethnic mosaic of the Balkans comes up for debate – with help from a U.S. congressman.

3 February 2017
Albanian Top Prosecutor Blasts U.S. Meddling Premium

Washington slaps travel bans on Albanian judiciary, accuses chief prosecutor of trying to sabotage reforms.

31 January 2017
Albanian Justice Minister Fired

Ylli Manjani had demanded arrest of suspected drug trafficker allegedly linked to a junior coalition party.

Elvis Rroshi
4 January 2017
Albanian Politicians Sacked for Concealing Police Records Premium
Keeping mum about past misbehavior is out these days for the country’s elected officials and judges, if they want to keep their jobs.
13 December 2016
Albania Urged to Investigate Hoxha-Era Disappearances Premium

UN experts point to a lack of political will to condemn communist-era crimes, as polls shows many still see the period in a positive light.

24 November 2016
Rama Slams Greece Over Expelled Albanians Premium

Albanian premier tells interviewer there is no ‘Greater Albania’ project.

21 October 2016
Albania’s Two-Headed Refugee Crisis Premium
While the number of Albanians seeking asylum in Germany spikes again, the country is also facing a domestic refugee problem.
6 October 2016
Albania Gets Set for Second-Ever Royal Wedding Premium

Communists labelled King Zog a traitor and erased the royal family from the history books; monarchists see Prince Leka II’s upcoming marriage as an important symbol.

5 September 2016
Canonization of Mother Teresa Reignites Disputes in the Balkans Premium

Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania each claim the Catholic nun as their own daughter, based on her multiethnic origins.

3 August 2016
Montenegro’s Last ‘Sworn Virgin’ Dies Premium

The centuries-old Balkan custom allowed women to dress as men and take on the privileges of manhood – except sex.




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