Akhtem Chiygoz
8 August 2017
Crimean Tatar Leader’s Trial Nears Conclusion Premium

Tatars and human rights groups say Russia has systematically targeted the community over its loyalty to Ukraine.

4 August 2017
Kyiv Sweeps Out the Digital Cobwebs Premium

Mismanagement and sloth help explain why government computers are so prone to malicious hacks.

2 August 2017
Washington Hails Ukraine Coal Deal as Blow to Russia Premium

A Pennsylvania company is set to become one of Ukraine’s biggest coal suppliers in a deal that may have more political than commercial impact.

27 July 2017
Russia Urges Ukrainians to Visit Their Lost Territory Premium

Is Ukraine actively trying to sabotage Crimea’s tourism business?

25 July 2017
How Ukrainian Rebels Use Crowdfunding for Propaganda Premium

Major crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and JustGiving have hosted campaigns by supporters of Donbas separatists. 

24 July 2017
Strangers in Their Own Land

Displaced by the war in the east of Ukraine, ethnic Roma struggle to find acceptance elsewhere amid enduring racism and prejudice. From Hromadske.

By Anastasia Kanareva and Bogdan Kinashchuk
20 July 2017
Birth of ‘Little Russia’ Puzzles Kremlin, Ukrainian Separatists Premium

Luhansk rebel leader says he isn’t part of his colleague’s plan for a new state on territory of ‘former Ukraine.’ 

17 July 2017
Malaysia, Australia Demand Justice for Citizens Killed Aboard MH17 Premium

Even Russia admits a Buk missile shot down the Malaysian airliner three years ago today, but its version of events is finding few takers. 

13 July 2017
Ukraine Still Pining for Ryanair Premium

Kyiv would like the low-cost Irish airline to change its mind about operating in the country, amid suspicions that corruption hindered the deal. 

12 July 2017
Celebrations and Shrugs as EU Visa Wall Falls for Ukrainians Premium

Some hail cheaper, easier travel and a symbolic turn to Europe, but for others it’s a complication.

By Tatiana Kozak


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