26 November 2015
Warsaw Repatriates Ethnic Poles From Eastern Ukraine
Another 188 people have arrived in Poland from the war-torn Donetsk region.
25 November 2015
Russia Halts Gas Supplies to Ukraine
Moscow cut gas supplies to Kyiv for nonpayment, may halt coal deliveries over Crimea blackout.
24 November 2015
Russia’s Supreme Court to Hear Ukrainian Filmmaker’s Appeal

Lawyer for Crimea native Oleg Sentsov, jailed for 20 years on terrorism charges, hopes for reduced sentence.

23 November 2015
Blackout Grips Much of Crimea

Russian-controlled region under state of emergency as weekend blasts sever power supplies from Ukraine.

18 November 2015
EU Set to Launch Ukraine Trade Pact, Poroshenko Says
Attempts at ‘modern, efficient’ economic reform have been hampered by pervasive corruption, cronyism.
17 November 2015
Russia Offers to Extend Ukraine’s Debt Payments
Move comes as West opens channels to Moscow in wake of Paris atrocity.
17 November 2015
Klitschko Re-elected Kyiv Mayor

Former boxer and Maidan leader defeats ex-Right Sector spokesman by wide margin.


13 November 2015
Ukraine Recognizes 'Genocide' of Crimean Tatars
Activists had long pushed for 1944 mass deportations ordered by Stalin to be declared an act of genocide.
12 November 2015
Eastern Ukraine Situation Worsening, Kyiv Says
Ukraine military, pro-Russian separatists accuse each other of escalating violence in Donetsk and Luhansk in defiance of ceasefire.
6 November 2015
Ukraine, Baltics Vent Spleen Over Russian-German Pipeline Plan
Gazprom and Western partners want to double capacity of Nord Stream pipe, although no time frame has been set.



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