30 July 2015
Russia Blocks MH17 Tribunal, Activists Call for Turkmenistani Journalist's Release

Plus, an official in Russia's North Caucasus faces murder charges and a jailed Azerbaijani reporter gets a prestigious prize in Washington.

By Brian Kenety, Ioana Caloianu, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin
30 July 2015
Ukraine’s Avenging Angels
One group has been the main engine behind the country's anti-corruption efforts.
By Tatania Kozak
29 July 2015
Asking for Shock Therapy
The Ukrainian government is caught between a warm embrace of neoliberal dogma and geopolitical suicide. From openDemocracy.
By Sean Guillory
Valeriu Strelet 100

28 July 2015
Azov Battalion Leader’s Death Raises Questions, New Moldovan Premier Named

Plus, violence racks Macedonia’s biggest Albanian party and Poland tilts farther into the no-euro camp.

By Ky Krauthamer, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin
28 July 2015
Fear of the Unknown

Central Europeans have much more experience being emigrants than welcoming immigrants.

By Martin Ehl
27 July 2015
Russia Set to Veto MH17 Resolution, Orban Lashes Out at Refugees, European Left
Plus, a detained Azerbaijani journalist appears in court, and Serbia vows to keep Kosovo out of UNESCO.
By Timothy Spence
24 July 2015
Czech Pol Jailed in Corruption Case, Lugansk Rebels Claim to Find U.S. Weapons Cache

Plus, Moldova’s whistleblowing education chief is tipped for prime minister, and Kosovo arrests a high-ranking judge.

By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin
21 July 2015
Poroshenko Takes His Message to the People

With his own TV station in decline, Ukraine’s president looks for a way around the oligarchs who now dominate domestic television.

By Sergiy Rachinsky
17 July 2015
Video Shows MH17 Aftermath, Kyrgyzstan Says Raid Foiled IS Plots

Plus, human rights groups call out the West on Uzbekistan and Armenia on health care shortcomings.

By Barbara Frye, Thomas Chan Tsz Chun, and Evgeny Deulin
16 July 2015
Ukraine Rebel Leader Sued in U.S. Over MH17 Attack, Baku Trial Set for Activist Couple

Plus, Kyrgyzstan protests the State Department’s rights award to a jailed activist and Armenia mulls a sex-specific abortion ban.

By Brian Kenety, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Thomas Chan Tsz Chun



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