24 February 2017
Ukrainian Famine Film Harvests Poor Reviews

Good marks for effort, poor to terrible ones for dialogue and drama.

16 February 2017
Kyiv, Rebels Agree on Weapons Pullback

Nationalist-led blockade on goods coming from rebel zone threatens to cripple heavy industry.

16 February 2017
Protecting Eastern European Journalists, Before It’s Too Late

More than half a year after the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet, his colleagues are frustrated about the apparent lack of progress in finding his killers. From Hromadske. 

14 February 2017
War, Regulation Combine to Stifle Ukrainian Wine Industry

Smaller winemakers will benefit if lawmakers vote to lift onerous licensing fees.

8 February 2017
Bombing Claims Second Rebel Leader in Ukraine Premium

Merkel urges Putin to pressure Ukrainian rebels as violence returns to the Donbas war zone.

2 February 2017
Fear of Russia Said Behind Scrubbed NATO-Ukraine Meeting Premium

Nearly 20 troops and civilians reportedly killed since Sunday in combat zone near Donetsk.

30 January 2017
Postcards Commemorating Ukraine War Dead Capture Human Dimension Premium

Sent to people all across the world, the postcards aim to “make the war more personal,” says project’s initiator. 

20 January 2017
Cheers, Caveats Greet Birth of Ukraine’s ‘Three-Parent Baby’ Premium

Ethics, safety concerns hang over the controversial treatment, so far approved by medical regulators only in the UK.

17 January 2017
Kyiv, Moscow Carry Row to London Courtroom Premium

The two sides will face off at the first hearing in a dispute over $3 billion in unpaid debt.

13 January 2017
Ukraine Bans Russian-language Independent Broadcaster Premium

Presented as a breach of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and advertising laws, the ban was criticized internationally for curtailing media pluralism. 




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