12 October 2016
Latvia Targets ‘Disloyal’ Teachers Premium

Amendments to the Education Act foresee dismissing teachers untrue to the Latvian state and Constitution, sparking fears of censorship.

11 July 2016
NATO Leaders Agree to Boost Presence in Poland, Baltics Premium

Thousands of troops to be deployed in Eastern Europe, in the most decisive move to counter Russia since the end of the Cold War.

7 June 2016
Swastika Allegedly Mowed into Latvian President’s Lawn Premium
Observers noticed the man making the symbol in the grass shortly before he mowed the rest of the lawn, making it disappear.
10 May 2016
Jumping Fish in Latvia Premium

In an annual rite of spring, thousands of spawning fish are attempting to jump over the country’s famous waterfall Venta Rapid.

12 April 2016
The Baltics Versus Russian Media Premium

Latvians bans another Russian media outlet while Estonia says it will just monitor, for now, and Lithuania is the victim of a cyberattack.  

17 March 2016
Latvia's 'Nazi' Veterans Stage Parade Premium
Riga police say over 1,000 people joined veterans who fought Soviets to mark key 1944 battle.
10 March 2016
Proud Latvia’s Sorrow Over Meldonium Drug Premium

Baltic republic regrets ban on drug invented by a Latvian: its use has hurt Maria Sharapova’s career.

29 February 2016
Latvia Jails Man for ‘Joke’ Petition to Merge with Russia Premium

Court sentences ethnic Russian filmmaker to six months in prison over online petition his lawyer says was made in jest.

26 January 2016
Latvian Bank Watchdog Steps Down to Quell ‘Suspicions’ Premium

Banks in the Baltic state are suspected of laundering billions in ill-gotten gains from Russia and Moldova.

20 January 2016
Baltic Burqa Ban Plans Questioned Premium

Muslims, politicians wonder why opponents of migration want to ban a rarely-seen item of clothing.



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