24 May 2016
E-residency in Estonia Hits a Milestone

After 18 months, the country already has 10,000 e-residents.

27 April 2016
Hi-tech Estonia Unfriendly to Bitcoin? Premium

Dutch trader alleges that he was hounded by authorities for small business in virtual currency.

17 March 2016
Estonia Seeks EU Travel Ban on Russian ‘Abductors’ of Savchenko Premium
MPs wants those responsible for Ukrainian pilot’s ‘capture, detention and illegal trial’ barred from Schengen zone.
2 March 2016
Tech-savvy Estonia May Legalize Uber Premium

The Baltic country is ‘looking for a solution instead of prohibiting a new form of business,’ President Ilves says.

12 February 2016
Sauna Lovers Compete in Freezing Estonian Temperatures Premium

Annual competition draws teams from around the world for a day-long soak.

20 January 2016
Baltic Burqa Ban Plans Questioned Premium

Muslims, politicians wonder why opponents of migration want to ban a rarely-seen item of clothing.

6 January 2016
Proposed Helsinki-Tallinn Tunnel to Skirt Russia Route Premium

Mindful of the failings of the ‘Chunnel,’ Finland and Estonia mull undersea rail link to link capitals.

5 January 2016
Estonia Asks Gays to Delay Civil Partnerships Premium
A breakthrough Estonian law introducing gay civil partnerships faces significant legal hurdles.
18 December 2015
Estonian Businessman Suspect in Latvian Bribery Probe Premium

Transport magnate Oleg Ossinovski’s son, a prominent Estonian politician, denies ties to his father’s business interests.

7 December 2015
Estonia’s President Toomas Ilves Bashes Anti-Migration Trend Premium

The president, himself a son of war refugees, accuses Europe of losing its global standing and passionately defends Angela Merkel’s leadership.




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