18 May 2018
Maradona Heads for Belarus

The Argentine football legend’s career takes another startling twist.

9 May 2018
Chernobyl Brought Italy and Belarus Closer Together
Their approach could do the same for other nations. From the Conversation.
By Ekatherina Zhukova
20 April 2018
Belarus Turns the Screws on Online Media Premium

Journalists push back against proposed amendments that would complicate the work of online reporters and impose restrictions on social media users.

4 April 2018
Vloggers With a Cause
Belarusian YouTube vloggers are free to talk about what they want – at their own risk. From Belarus Digest.
By Olga Hryniuk
23 March 2018
Belarus Sticks to Death Penalty Over Europe’s Displeasure Premium

More than 400 convicts have been put to death since 1990, rights activists say.

13 February 2018
Closed-Door Spy Trial Begins in Belarus Premium

KGB accuses Pavlo Sharoyko of spying for Ukrainian military intelligence.

2 February 2018
Beetles Chomp Down Belarusian, Polish Forests Premium

The infestation is but one symptom of a pestilence spreading across the northern hemisphere.

31 January 2018
East European Dark Horse Shows Cryptocurrency Potential Premium

Thanks to its lax regulations and friendly tax conditions, Belarus could become a blockchain leader.

25 January 2018
Minsk Sidesteps Russian Play for Its Oil Trade Premium

Belarus relies on Russian energy, but economic factors argue against shipping its oil products via Russian ports.

2 January 2018
Belarus Takes Another Look at Alcohol Controls Premium

Minsk mulls restrictions on drink sales and raising the drinking age to curb the drastic effects of high alcohol consumption.



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