18 July 2017
When Revisiting History is a Threat Premium

Why do the Belarusian authorities oppose the revision of the Great Patriotic War myth?

By Vadzim Bylina
29 June 2017
10 Things You Should Not Do in Belarus

In Europe’s “last dictatorship,” you should definitely be careful what you photograph and joke about. From European Radio for Belarus (ERB).

15 June 2017
We Like It Here, But We Want to Go to Austria

For Chechen refugees, the route from Belarus to Poland only takes three days with the right papers, but for others it can take an eternity. From Euroradio. 

By Ales Pilecki
23 May 2017
UN Report Warns of Growing Clampdown in Belarus Premium

After a period of going easy on dissent, the Lukashenka regime crushed nationwide protests in March.

9 May 2017
A Potent Mix Premium

Recent incidents in Belarus show that pan-Slavism and Neo-Nazism do go together.

By Veranika Laputska
11 April 2017
Sanctions or Relief for Belarus? Washington Waits to Decide Premium

Anti-Lukashenka mood could revive in U.S., EU over his crackdown on dissent, renewed ties with Russia.

6 April 2017
Fake News in the Service of Post-Truth Belarus Premium

The fate of the Independent Institute for Socio-Economic and Political Studies emphasizes the need to protect the few remaining independent sources of information in the country.  

By Peter Gross
4 April 2017
Somber Mood Darkens Successful Putin-Lukashenka Meeting Premium

The two leaders announced a reset of energy agreements, seemingly ending years of squabbling that has hurt the Belarusian economy.

3 April 2017
The Thaw Is Over Premium

Hopes that Lukashenka had turned over a new leaf were definitively quashed with the brutality and extent of the crackdown during and after the recent “parasites” demonstrations.

By Paulina Kaltavicanka
24 March 2017
More Arrests as Belarusian Crackdown Continues Premium

President says militants funded from abroad planned ‘armed provocations.’





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