19 November 2015
A ‘Bucket of Mud’ for Belarus
The country’s mercurial leader first welcomes the Nobel Prize in literature for Svetlana Alexievich, then attacks the world-famous writer.
By Tatiana Kozak
9 November 2015
Belarus Plans Currency Redenomination

Authorities say it will not harm the economy in a country that already endures staggeringly high inflation.

2 November 2015
EU, US Lift Sanctions on Belarus
Lukashenka reportedly eager to reduce Russian influence.
29 October 2015
A Cure For No Disease
‘Europe’s last dictatorship’ stood still for nearly a week in early October while holding one of its most significant events.
By Evgeny Deulin
19 October 2015
CIS Leaders Agree to Extend Military Cooperation Premium

Leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have signed 17 agreements on military cooperation.

19 October 2015
Lohvinau: Publisher Who Defies the Lukashenka Regime Premium

Svetlana Alexievich may won international acclaim as the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, but at home only a single publisher has braved government hurdles to print the laureate’s literature.

12 October 2015
Lukashenka Wins Fifth Term Premium
Belarusian president wins in another landslide, as ties with West improve.
6 October 2015
Critical Belarusian News Sites Blocked Premium

DDOS attack on independent media comes ahead of authoritarian leader’s near certain re-election.

10 September 2015
Belarus Opposition Leader Mikhalevich Returns From Self-Exile Premium

Lukashenka opponent detained upon return home to Belarus.

3 September 2015
Russia, Belarus and Serbia Stage Anti-Protestor "Slavic Brotherhood" Drills Premium
The countries’ airborne forces will work on preventing anti-government 'Maidan'-style riots.



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