20 February 2017
Demonstrations Throughout Belarus Against “Parasite” Law

Authorities decide not to quash the protests – at least for now.

16 February 2017
Protecting Eastern European Journalists, Before It’s Too Late

More than half a year after the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet, his colleagues are frustrated about the apparent lack of progress in finding his killers. From Hromadske. 

2 February 2017
Russia Tightens Security on Belarus Border

Move is apparent retaliation for Lukashenka’s decision to end tourist visas for many Western travelers.

26 January 2017
An Easy Target for Russia

The anti-Belarus smear campaign in Russian media has gained momentum and even led to arrests at the end of last year. 

By Andrei Yeliseyeu and Veranika Laputska
12 December 2016
Wave Of Arrests Among Pro-Moscow Belarusians Premium

Several detentions of Belarusians showcasing their pro-Russian feelings on the internet might point to a wider, security-related crackdown. 

1 December 2016
Belarusian Pre-Selections for Eurovision 2017: Contest or Freak Show? Premium

Even after multiple failures, and questionable performances, Belarus keeps hoping to steal the show at the upcoming Eurovision song contest.

4 November 2016
Lukashenka’s Unending Anti-Corruption Drive Premium

The Belarusian president has carefully crafted his crusader image – a major factor in his staying power.

By Jeremy Druker
3 November 2016
Belarus Cracks Open Door to Tourism Premium

Restrictions have been eased for foreigners visiting some of the country’s attractions, but independent travelers will still have to obtain a visa.


27 October 2016
Barbed Wire Is the Tie That Binds Belarus and Russia Premium

Anonymous artist makes a pointed addition to a Minsk mural symbolizing the city’s friendship with Moscow.

25 October 2016
Belarus to Host Second Edition of European Games Premium

Denmark cries foul as Baku, the games’ first host, passes the torch to Minsk, the only candidate for the 2019 competition. 




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