24 November 2015
An Unlikely Leader in the Making?
Last week the Czech Republic witnessed the emergence of Bohuslav Sobotka as a major new political player.
By Martin Ehl
19 November 2015
V4 Mostly United on EU Issues, Budapest ‘Outlier’ on Russia
Hungary diverges most from its Visegrad Group partners on relations with Russia and the United States.
13 November 2015
Slovak Premier Welcomes Refugees Speaking ‘Language of Jesus’
Slovakia may accept Coptic Christians fleeing Syria, Aramaic speakers in IS-controlled area.
11 November 2015
Slovak Extremist Party Attacks Memory of Wartime Jewish Heroine
Party leader, a regional governor, is an admirer of Slovakia’s fascist wartime state.
10 November 2015
Corruption Nightmare: Ungovernable Countries Premium
A third of Romania’s political elite face prosecution or are already in jail, a third fear they will be, and a third still think themselves untouchable.
By Martin Ehl

16 October 2015
Hungary to Seal Border With Croatia Premium
Budapest says it’s ready for border closure amid migrant crisis.
1 October 2015
Slovakia Filing Lawsuit Over Migrant Quotas Premium
Premier Robert Fico says EU decision was passed by an improper procedure.
30 September 2015
How Refugees Opened the East-West Divide Premium
The crisis is having a greater impact on the European Union than we're probably willing to admit.
By Martin Ehl
29 September 2015
Ride-Sharing Apps Uber Alles? Premium
Slovak, Polish cabbies say Uber’s drivers are skirting the law and driving them out of business.
24 September 2015
Slovakia to Sue EU Over Migrant Quotas Premium

Premier Fico threatens lawsuit at European Court of Justice over mandatory quota scheme.




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