4 November 2019
Life After Coal
As coal mining is phased out, a Belgian example could inspire Slovakia’s mining towns to seek innovative approaches to their post-industrial future. From Dennik N.
By Michaela Barcikova and Ria Gehrerova
21 October 2019
Time to Put Havel on the Slovak Map Premium

Thirty years have passed since the playwright president led a revolution for all of Czechoslovakia, and yet there is no solid monument to his achievements in Slovakia.

By Rick Zednik
23 September 2019
Slovak News Website Targeted in Smear Campaign

Former police chief takes aim at investigative outlet of murdered journalist Jan Kuciak. From the International Press Institute.

By Jamie Wiseman
17 September 2019
This is How a Good Teacher Teaches

With school now in full swing, we look back at an educational program that seems to be working in Slovakia – Teach for Slovakia.

By Juraj Konik
9 July 2019
Central Europe Baking Through its Summer Premium

Politicians are getting the ingredients together for a dramatic fall while ignoring the very real heat outside.

By Martin Ehl
Prague demonstration Jan. 1989
13 June 2019
Between Tanks and Knitting Needles

1989 and 2019 in Prague and Beijing. From Sinopsis.

By Martin Hala
7 June 2019
Generation Rebellion: Slovakia’s Political ‘Hipsters’ Target Change Premium
The clamor for change is propelling a new generation of Slovaks into power. But can they live up to the hype? From Balkan Insight.
By Dariusz Kalan
30 May 2019
European Elections Spice Things Up Premium

European Parliament elections have revealed a growing change in taste.

By Martin Ehl
1 April 2019
Slovakia Gets First Female President Premium

Candidate with no political experience also dominates presidential poll in the first round of voting in Ukraine.

27 March 2019
Divided They Remain

On the eve of a historic presidential election, Slovakia remains polarized despite the apparent popularity of the expected winner.

By Martin Ehl



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