1 October 2015
Slovakia Filing Lawsuit Over Migrant Quotas
Premier Robert Fico says EU decision was passed by an improper procedure.
30 September 2015
How Refugees Opened the East-West Divide
The crisis is having a greater impact on the European Union than we're probably willing to admit.
By Martin Ehl
29 September 2015
Ride-Sharing Apps Uber Alles?
Slovak, Polish cabbies say Uber’s drivers are skirting the law and driving them out of business.
24 September 2015
Slovakia to Sue EU Over Migrant Quotas

Premier Fico threatens lawsuit at European Court of Justice over mandatory quota scheme.

23 September 2015
EU Anti-Quota Bloc Loses Crucial Vote

Hungary may be unable to transfer 54,000 asylum seekers to other EU states.

14 September 2015
EU Holds Emergency Talks on Migrant Crisis
Thousands of people in "legal limbo" after uncoordinated response, says UNHCR.
9 September 2015
Juncker Hands an Ultimatum to Migration Skeptics
New EU plan foresees relocation of 54,000 asylum seekers now in Hungary.
9 September 2015
Will the Real Statesmen Please Stand Up? Premium

Why post-communist countries must stop blaming Germany and start offering help to refugees.

By Martin Ehl
25 August 2015
State Business Premium

The economic development of post-communist states is being hijacked by short-term political interests.

By Martin Ehl
Andrey Nekrasov 100
11 August 2015
Russia, Lithuania Tussle Over Reporter’s Extradition, EU Finds Billions for Migrant Aid Premium
Plus, IMF call to tax the poor puts Albania in a dilemma, and a Bernini masterpiece resurfaces only to vanish from Slovakia.
By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Thomas Chan Tsz Chun



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