27 May 2020
In Us We Trust
In pandemic time, citizens and governments are saying: Because we don’t trust each other, we have to behave a bit more responsibly than usual.
By Martin Ehl
5 March 2020
Central Europe’s Lonely Liberals Seeking Solace Premium

What will liberal politicians do after once again being left out in the cold, this time in Slovakia?

By Martin Ehl
3 March 2020
Slovak Elections 2020: Reasons to be Scared

Like its name, the party that won the most seats in the Slovak parliament is a bit of an ideological mess. From Krytyka Polityczna.

By Michal Chmela
28 February 2020
Kotleba: A Slovak Extremist Who Made Far Right Fashionable
Widely seen as a neo-Nazi, Marian Kotleba looks set to win a large share of votes in Slovakia’s February 29 parliamentary election. Who is the man who has made hatred so electable? From BIRN.
By Miroslava German Sirotnikova
28 February 2020
A Different Kind of Community Organizer Premium

An expert on civic participation explains the rise of Slovak far-right extremist Marian Kotleba and what can be done to counter his appeal.

By Jeremy Druker
24 February 2020
Why Can't Democrats Be Populist, Too? Premium

Opposition groups in Central Europe must get over their inhibitions about populist methods.

By Martin Ehl
27 January 2020
Fascists at the Gate

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of next month’s election – both for Slovakia and the wider region.

By Martin Ehl
27 January 2020
Democracy Digest: Slovak Democracy on Trial as Elections Loom
A sensational murder trial, controversy in the prosecutor’s office and protests for and against fascism define the run-up to Slovakia’s general election next month. From BIRN.
By Miroslava German Sirotnikova
4 November 2019
Life After Coal
As coal mining is phased out, a Belgian example could inspire Slovakia’s mining towns to seek innovative approaches to their post-industrial future. From Dennik N.
By Michaela Barcikova and Ria Gehrerova
21 October 2019
Time to Put Havel on the Slovak Map Premium

Thirty years have passed since the playwright president led a revolution for all of Czechoslovakia, and yet there is no solid monument to his achievements in Slovakia.

By Rick Zednik


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Debates on disinformation and misinformation related to COVID-19 have dominated discussions in the media industry, but what specific actions can we take to tackle the spread of false or misleading information? What tools should we use and how can we find and motivate the people who will do the monitoring and fact-checking? And what strategies should we employ to spread all that debunking to a broader audience, the ones who really need it?


Join Jaroslav Valuch, one of Central Europe’s leading experts in countering disinformation, for a practical guide on how to set up a volunteer-driven, fact-checking initiative from scratch. He will share honest lessons learned from the Czech project that he co-founded to deal with the infodemic around COVID-19. Click here for more information and to register.


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