25 March 2016
Warsaw, Budapest Demand More Anti-Terror Powers Premium

Conservative governments claim Brussels tragedy proves link between refugees and terrorists.

24 March 2016
Poland Will Take No Migrants, Szydlo Says Premium

Conservative government reacts to Brussels terror attacks, warns other EU countries against migrant ‘terrorists.’

23 March 2016
Russia Decides To Ban ‘Communist Monopoly,’ Popular Polish Board Game Premium
Authorities reportedly accuse the game of being anti-Russian and too critical of Soviets.
16 March 2016
Poland to Face New Scrutiny of Legal Changes Premium
European watchdogs are set to probe new police law amid mounting fears of a constitutional crisis.
7 March 2016
Key Polish Generals Resign Premium

Top brass quit as new defense minister moves to block promotions for Soviet-trained servicemen.

24 February 2016
Lech Walesa Faces New Allegations of Communist Collaboration Premium

Documents show Walesa, aka ‘Bolek,’ took money for ratting on his Gdansk shipyard co-workers, historical institute claims.

18 February 2016
Polish Independence Hero Lech Walesa in New Spy Row Premium

The Nobel Peace Prize winner denies accusations that he was an informant for Poland's secret police in the 1970s. 

16 February 2016
Phrase ‘Polish Death Camp’ Could Be Verboten Premium

Poland’s Justice Minister wants to make it illegal to imply the country bears responsibility for Nazi atrocities committed on Polish soil.

12 February 2016
Poland Protests Over BBC ‘Putinization’ Story Premium

Warsaw complains the news spot was biased and drew unjustified conclusions.

3 February 2016
EU in Bid to Keep Britain in Union Premium
David Cameron’s stop-Brexit drive faces crucial test as he visits Warsaw this week.



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