14 December 2016
New Wave of Protests Sweeps Across Poland Premium
As the government attempts to 'clean up' the country, opposition parties draw parallels with the martial law imposed in the 1980s.
12 December 2016
The Question of the Poor East Premium

A success story at first glance, southeastern Poland’s development is still lagging behind in areas needed to make the locals happy.  

By Martin Ehl
8 December 2016
Berliners Challenge Dismissal of Polish Cultural Center Head Premium

Did the Polish government fire the Polish Cultural Institute in Berlin’s director for focusing too much on Jewish issues?

22 November 2016
Polish Parliament Member Threatens Non-Catholics with Deportation Premium
Public response to her comments included both sarcasm and concern as Poles weigh the implications for religious minorities.
21 November 2016
Szczecin Becoming a Mecca for Modern Architecture Premium
Underground museum has been crowned World Building of the Year, another success for the Polish city.
16 November 2016
Trump Reportedly Offers to Help Poles Investigate Smolensk Premium

Donald Trump has promised to “do his best” to help recover the wreckage of the plane crash that killed the Polish president and many others six years ago. 

8 November 2016
Poland’s Symbolic Temple Complex to Open on Independence Day Premium

Complex reflects the close ties between religion and politics, two centuries after it was first planned. 

28 October 2016
Warsaw Refuses to Bow to Brussels Premium

Poland stands its ground as EC deadline for legal system overhaul expires.  

24 October 2016
The Victory of Abortion Rights Protesters in Poland Is Likely to Be Short-Lived Premium

Despite the apparent victory of protesters in early October and new demonstrations that broke out yesterday, it remains likely that the government will still push for new restrictions on abortion. From EUROPP.

By Magdalena Mikulak
18 October 2016
How Hungary and Poland Have Silenced Women and Stifled Human Rights Premium

In the women’s movement in Central Europe, there are few moments to celebrate. 

By Andrea Peto and Weronika Grzebalska



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