1 December 2015
Warsaw, Brussels Play Chicken at Climate Summit
The EU’s biggest coal producer is fearful that CO2 cuts will hurt its economy.
30 November 2015
Baltic Gas Pipeline Under Fire
Poland, Slovakia among those working to block new Nord Stream pipeline corridor between Russia and Germany.
27 November 2015
Polish Army To Grow By Half
New government says additional troops will be stationed along its eastern borders.
26 November 2015
Polish Officials Call for Tusk’s Trial Over Smolensk Air Crash
Remarks may revive conspiracy theories about Russian involvement in disaster that killed Polish president, many other officials.
26 November 2015
Warsaw Repatriates Ethnic Poles From Eastern Ukraine
Another 188 people have arrived in Poland from the war-torn Donetsk region.
24 November 2015
An Unlikely Leader in the Making? Premium
Last week the Czech Republic witnessed the emergence of Bohuslav Sobotka as a major new political player.
By Martin Ehl
19 November 2015
V4 Mostly United on EU Issues, Budapest ‘Outlier’ on Russia
Hungary diverges most from its Visegrad Group partners on relations with Russia and the United States.
16 November 2015
Poland’s New Leaders Reject Refugee Quotas
Warsaw wants ‘security guarantees’ before it will take in more migrants, and one top official says refugees should be trained to ‘liberate’ their homeland.
12 November 2015
Far-Right Dominate Poland’s Independence Day March
Tens of thousands of far-right supporters parade through Warsaw chanting anti-immigrant slogans, denouncing EU.
10 November 2015
Corruption Nightmare: Ungovernable Countries Premium
A third of Romania’s political elite face prosecution or are already in jail, a third fear they will be, and a third still think themselves untouchable.
By Martin Ehl



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