24 October 2016
The Victory of Abortion Rights Protesters in Poland Is Likely to Be Short-Lived

Despite the apparent victory of protesters in early October and new demonstrations that broke out yesterday, it remains likely that the government will still push for new restrictions on abortion. From EUROPP.

By Magdalena Mikulak
18 October 2016
How Hungary and Poland Have Silenced Women and Stifled Human Rights

In the women’s movement in Central Europe, there are few moments to celebrate. 

By Andrea Peto and Weronika Grzebalska
13 October 2016
It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Poland and Hungary’s cultural counter-revolution follows naturally from the region’s economic and political developments.

By Martin Ehl
11 October 2016
Illiberalism and Authoritarianism Can Be Successfully Challenged In Poland

Poland's PiS government recently suffered its first blow since coming to power nearly a year ago, an optimistic note in a region where illiberal authoritarian governments are on the rise. From openDemocracy.

3 October 2016
Polish Women Protest Planned Abortion Ban Premium
Millions of Polish women are expected to take part in strikes – and to the streets – to protest a new anti-abortion proposal.
27 September 2016
Poland Threatens to Undermine EU Plan to Ratify UN Climate Deal Premium

Warsaw will only agree to fast-track EU approval of Paris Agreement on its own terms, Polish environment minister said. 

19 September 2016
Popular Video Game Character Honored on Polish Stamp

‘Geralt of Rivia’ is a household mutant in much of Europe, and his fame is growing worldwide. 

16 September 2016
Poland Says First Smolensk Crash Probe Was Manipulated

New probe claims black-box recordings of the tragedy, which led to the death of then-President Lech Kaczynski and nearly 100 other Polish officials, were tampered with. 

16 September 2016
Polish, Chinese Money Eyes Regional Beers
Selloff of Central and East European brewers is a sideshow to one of the biggest corporate takeovers ever launched.
6 September 2016
UK Urged to Ensure Security for Polish Community Premium

Poland's foreign and interior ministers met their British counterparts for talks after a series of attacks on Poles.




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