21 February 2017
EU Slams Polish Pick to Head Constitutional Court

Hungary said likely to stand by Warsaw and stymie a possible vote on sanctions.

17 February 2017
Prepaid Surveillance

The Polish authorities are sacrificing citizens’ fundamental rights in a misguided strategy to increase security.

By Anna Obem
7 February 2017
Opposition Hits Ruling Party Plan for Bigger Warsaw Premium

Bill envisages the capital growing by some 700,000 residents, many of whom support the governing PiS.

27 January 2017
Poland Rolls Out Red Carpet for London Bankers

Major City banks nervous about Brexit’s impact on their EU business are eyeing lower-cost locations for operations centers – any maybe new headquarters.

24 January 2017
Aid Groups Decry Migrant Push-Backs

‘Illegal’ refusal to allow entry to would-be asylum seekers said to be rising in the Balkans and Poland.

13 January 2017
How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot Premium

The recent scandals of the Polish opposition were of its own making, and have set back attempts to unnerve the ruling party.

By Martin Ehl
6 January 2017
Polish Protest Leader in Money Gaffe Premium

Outspoken foe of Poland’s conservative government embroiled in scandal over taking money from his own group.

2 January 2017
A Noble Gesture or Something Else? Premium

Poland’s purchase of one of the world’s greatest art collections is touted by the government, but critics question whether it was even necessary.  

23 December 2016
Poland’s Abused Carp Win Legal Reprieve Premium
Christmas may never be the same again for millions of Central Europeans.
19 December 2016
Polish Government Hit by More Protests Premium

Dissenters in parliament and on the streets have been baying for change since the conservative government took office last year.




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