24 August 2016
Excitement and Scepticism over Nazi Treasure Hunt in Poland

Search for elusive WWII-era train supposedly filled with Nazi loot continues in Poland, despite a lack of evidence confirming its existence. 

22 August 2016
Gazprom Vows to Build Nord Stream-2 Over Polish Objections

EU partners withdraw from joint venture with Russian company to avoid the threat of Polish legal action.

19 August 2016
Poland to Probe High Court Chief Justice
Rancor between government and the constitutional court threatens to open a legal chasm.
17 August 2016
Polish Lawmakers Expected to Approve ‘Death Camp’ Ban

Polish government approves law making ‘insulting the good name of Poland’ punishable by jail.

5 August 2016
Poland Won’t Lift Restrictions on Kaliningrad Border
Residents of Russian exclave deprived of visa-free regime for an unspecified period of time over security concerns.
4 August 2016
China's Checkbook Diplomacy

Central Europe continues to actively court Chinese investment. But increased coziness with Beijing comes with tradeoffs, including a loss in influence for the region’s traditional ally, the United States.  

By Prem Mahadevan
2 August 2016
Pope Francis Urges “Courage” and “Compassion” Toward Refugees

The Catholic Church leader’s words elicit a mixed response from Polish authorities, previously not so keen on migrants.

26 July 2016
German Minority in Poland Fears Marginalization

Warsaw’s decision to integrate several villages into the city of Opole could end up stripping the local German minority of a number of their current rights.

19 July 2016
Ministers Deny Polish Responsibility for Jewish Pogroms in the 1940s

Polish education, defense ministers place blame elsewhere for massacres in the Jedwabne and Kielce. 

13 July 2016
Poland Plans Partial Takeover of Private Pension Funds Premium

Government announces major pension reform; former security officers might face the first cuts.




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