19 November 2015
V4 Mostly United on EU Issues, Budapest ‘Outlier’ on Russia
Hungary diverges most from its Visegrad Group partners on relations with Russia and the United States.
18 November 2015
EU Puts Brakes on Hungarian Nuke Plant: Report
Russian-financed deal being probed for allegedly violating competition rules.

12 November 2015
Hungary Won’t Take ‘Single Syrian’ Migrant Back
Foreign minister says Dublin rules on returning migrants to first EU country of recorded entry are ‘dead.’
27 October 2015
Hungarian Capital Reveals Plan for Ambitious Museum Quarter

When completed in 2019 the new museums will significantly increase the city’s attraction to tourists, officials say.

22 October 2015
Slovenia Asks For Help With Migrant Influx

The EU's migration commissioner is in Slovenia to discuss its urgent call for help.

19 October 2015
Balkans Face Increasing Migrant Backlog Premium

Balkan refugee mayhem ensues as Hungary seals another border.


16 October 2015
Hungary to Seal Border With Croatia Premium
Budapest says it’s ready for border closure amid migrant crisis.
14 October 2015
Brussels Asks Budapest to Justify Migrant Laws Premium

Hungary’s treatment of migrants under new and amended legislation may run afoul of EU law.

13 October 2015
Hungarian MEP ‘Spying’ for Russia May Lose Immunity Premium

Far-right Jobbik party member Bela Kovacs, nicknamed ‘KGBela,’ allegedly covertly met Russian diplomats.

5 October 2015
Central Europe Counts Cost of VW Scandal Premium

Region may be forced to retool its car-dominated economic model.




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