5 October 2015
Central Europe Counts Cost of VW Scandal

Region may be forced to retool its car-dominated economic model.

30 September 2015
How Refugees Opened the East-West Divide
The crisis is having a greater impact on the European Union than we're probably willing to admit.
By Martin Ehl
25 September 2015
Hungary Mulls Migrant 'Corridor,' Legal Action Over Quotas

Top aide says government may let migrants arriving from Croatia pass through its territory.

24 September 2015
Slovakia to Sue EU Over Migrant Quotas

Premier Fico threatens lawsuit at European Court of Justice over mandatory quota scheme.

23 September 2015
EU Anti-Quota Bloc Loses Crucial Vote

Hungary may be unable to transfer 54,000 asylum seekers to other EU states.

22 September 2015
EU Begins Two Days of Emergency Talks on Migration

Anti-quota bloc appears to be winning the day.

21 September 2015
‘Visegrad 4’ to Reject EU Refugee Quotas, Again

Central Europe remains dead set against mandatory distribution of refugees.

Migrants Croatia 100

18 September 2015
Croatia Closes Border After Two-Day Migrant Influx

Orban plans to build another fence, this time along Hungary-Croatia border.

17 September 2015
Police Clash with Migrants at Croatia, Hungary Borders with Serbia
Use of tear gas, water cannon at Serbian border ‘unacceptable,’ says Ban-Ki Moon.
16 September 2015
Is Croatia Europe’s Next Migration Flashpoint?

Illegal entries to Hungary plunge as border fence and harsh new laws divert migrants.




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