24 February 2017
Hungary Gaining Momentum
Could we be seeing, finally, the dawn of a viable alternative to one-party rule?
By Martin Ehl
17 February 2017
Central Europe Demands Western-Quality Foods

Food advocates say the food industry discriminates against the region by using lower-quality ingredients and more chemicals.

8 February 2017
Hungary to Lock Down All Migrants Premium

Unwanted arrivals will be unable to leave their ‘shelters’ under plan by Orban government.

3 February 2017
Putin, Orban Cement Ties Premium

The Russian leader wielded a two-edged sword in Budapest as he flattered the Hungarian premier while directing veiled threats at Brussels.

1 February 2017
Why Vladimir Meets Viktor Premium

Putin’s visit to Budapest is yet another signal of changing loyalties and orientations – once unthinkable just a few years ago. 

By Martin Ehl
11 January 2017
Soros-funded NGOs Face Blacklist in Hungary Premium

Budapest will do all it can to “sweep out” NGOs funded by Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, which “serve global capitalists,” the ruling party's vice president said. 

29 November 2016
OpEd: Part of a Pattern Premium

The shooting of a Hungarian police officer by a neo-Nazi leader spotlights the group’s Russia ties and wider threat to the region.  

By Peter Kreko and Lorant Gyori

17 November 2016
In Hungary, Summer Could Soon Last All Year Premium

Move would put country’s clocks out of sync with most of the EU in winter.

9 November 2016
Hungary Is Winning Migration War Despite Legal Setbacks Premium

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s plan to block an EU immigration scheme suffers a second defeat.

3 November 2016
What They Left Behind Premium

An exhibition in Budapest charted the emotional map of immigration through lost, and partially found, objects.  

By Albert Akos



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