16 October 2017
Hungary Positions Itself as Defender of the Faithful

Europe is failing its duty to protect the world’s threatened Christians, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

4 October 2017
Candidate’s Exit Sends Hungary’s Left into Disarray

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party on course to dominate elections next spring.

3 October 2017
Battle over Civil Society Brews in Central Europe

Critics worry that civil society restrictions are the new normal, but Poland and Hungary say they are simply legislating for much needed reform.

Soros billboard
28 September 2017
Hungarian Ruling Party Relaunches Anti-Soros Drive

What the party bills as a democratic exercise merges seamlessly into a political ad campaign ahead of next year’s election.

12 September 2017
Whose Values? Premium

It doesn’t make sense to apply a postmodern interpretation of societies that are only now undergoing the modernization process.

By Martin Ehl
6 September 2017
Refugee Quotas Are Legal, Brussels Tells Budapest and Bratislava Premium
The EU has also refused to pay for a wall Hungary built at its Serbian border, reminding the country of its decision to ‘reject an offer of concrete solidarity’ during the 2015 migrant crisis.
29 August 2017
Putin, Orban Talk Power in Budapest Meeting Premium

Hungary’s eagerness to join Russian-led projects runs counter to EU energy strategy.

17 July 2017
Rise and Fall Premium

Media freedom in Central and Eastern Europe has dramatically deteriorated since five countries in the region joined the EU. 

By Daniel Penev
7 July 2017
Hungarian Anti-Soros Billboard Campaign Sparks Fears of Anti-Semitism Premium

Orban and his cabinet deny such claims, insisting the target is not Hungarian-born billionaire’s ‘ancestry or identity but what he does.’

14 June 2017
Hungarian Parliament Passes Anti-Foreign NGO Law

Affected NGOs remain defiant, say will fight in court.



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