Czech Republic

20 November 2019
30 Years After: Border in the Head
The barbed wire has vanished, but three decades on from the revolution, the “us/them” mindset still resonates with people on the Czech borderlands. From Hospodarske noviny.
By Tomas Prochazka and Martin Ehl
19 November 2019
The Keys Ring for Change, Again

On the eve of the 30-year anniversary of the Velvet Revolution protests, an estimated 200,000 Czechs gathered in Prague’s Letna Park and demanded the resignations of top officials.

By Abby Gibbs
15 November 2019
How an American Became an Optimist in the Czech Republic

I didn’t realize how well things had turned out until I started to reflect on the early ’90s.

By Jeremy Druker
5 November 2019
To the Bloodlands and Back Again

In stripped-down language, The Painted Bird delivers a message of hope amid catastrophe, but director Vaclav Marhoul warns that it could all happen again.

By Ky Krauthamer
31 October 2019
When the Richest Czech Goes Shopping

Buying the CME media company was a good deal all round – for Petr Kellner.

By Martin Ehl
29 October 2019
30 Years After: Who Rules the Law?

Can a new generation of activist lawyers improve the law’s battered reputation in Central Europe? From Hospodarske noviny.

By Martin Ehl
25 October 2019
Fireworks as the City of Prague Defies Beijing Premium
After Prague’s mayor went head-to-head with the Beijing city authorities over the one-China policy, it seemed inevitable that other, already shaky, forms of cooperation between the two cities would come under pressure.
By Valerie Yurk
21 October 2019
Time to Put Havel on the Slovak Map Premium

Thirty years have passed since the playwright president led a revolution for all of Czechoslovakia, and yet there is no solid monument to his achievements in Slovakia.

By Rick Zednik
11 October 2019
Two Czech Artists Who Defined a Generation
One was a singer, the other one an actor. Their deaths this month symbolize the continuing debate over the legacy of the fall of communism. From Reporting Democracy.
By Rob Anderson
3 October 2019
Marshal Konev Statue Poised to Retreat? Premium

A recent decision to move a communist-era statue in Prague reveals the perils of reassessing the past.

By Emily Mason


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