Czech Republic

16 January 2017
Saigon’s Taste of Prague

Tucked away in a corner of Ho Chi Minh City, the honorary consulate of the Czech Republic in Vietnam has fascinating stories as sides to traditional Czech beer. 

13 January 2017
‘Wrong Cohen’ Could Undermine Lurid Trump Leak

Did the British ex-spy behind allegations of Trump’s Russian ties also investigate a Bulgarian official?

24 November 2016
Little Hope for Swift Release of Czechs Held in Turkey Premium

Incident underscores complexity of EU-Turkish relations as each side pursues its own interests in the Syrian conflict.

16 November 2016
An Open Letter to My British and American Friends Premium

Despair and dismay at the fading of the dreams of a post-1989 world.

By Martin Ehl

14 November 2016
The Donald’s Apprentice Ambassador? Premium

Ivana Trump, ex-wife of US president-elect Donald Trump, wants to be the next U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic.

28 October 2016
Zeman’s Revenge? Premium

The Czech president is accused of denying a Holocaust survivor a medal of honor because of internal disputes about Czech-Chinese relations.

27 October 2016
The Dalai Lama Test

The Tibetan spiritual leader’s visit to Central Europe provides some answers to the state of Chinese relations, Havel’s legacy, and the scruples of individual politicians.

By Martin Ehl
19 October 2016
Czech Underwater Cave Found to be World’s Deepest Premium

An expedition has revealed that an underwater limestone cavern in the eastern part of the Czech Republic is 12 meters deeper than the former world record-holder in Italy.

17 October 2016
Prague’s Festival of Lights Premium

The popular event draws crowds and again amazes with installations around the Czech capital.

14 October 2016
Czech Republic Sees Unique Alternatives to Wedding Rings Premium
Czechs have turned to different displays of devotion to their partners, such as engraved watches or tattoos.



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