Czech Republic

19 October 2016
Czech Underwater Cave Found to be World’s Deepest

An expedition has revealed that an underwater limestone cavern in the eastern part of the Czech Republic is 12 meters deeper than the former world record-holder in Italy.

17 October 2016
Prague’s Festival of Lights

The popular event draws crowds and again amazes with installations around the Czech capital.

14 October 2016
Czech Republic Sees Unique Alternatives to Wedding Rings
Czechs have turned to different displays of devotion to their partners, such as engraved watches or tattoos.
12 October 2016
Czechs Divided over Schindler Factory
Czechs are hesitant to turn the abandoned complex, which housed and saved over 1,200 Jews from Nazi extermination, into a museum.
3 October 2016
Into the Mainstream Premium

As Czech students headed back to class this fall, their schools started implementing a long-awaited law that could finally end the de facto segregation of Roma students – though activists remain skeptical. 

By Barbara Levin
29 September 2016
Art and Politics Do Mix Premium

A showcase of artists in Prague provides a reminder that art can be a powerful political tool. 

By Anna Bisikalo
21 September 2016
Czechs Hold Russian Dissident Artist on Interpol List, Extradition Unsure Premium

Moscow is awaiting official notice from Prague about the possible repatriation of Oleg Vorotnikov, a founding member of Russian public-art collective Voina.

czech glass
20 September 2016
Czech Ingenuity Puts New Shine on Endangered Craft


After barely making it through the ’90s and limping through the 2008 crash, Bohemia’s fabled decorative glass industry is on the rise again.

By Sandra Dondenne
14 September 2016
Czech Man Shocked by Impact of Hillary Clinton Video
Concerns about the U.S. presidential candidate’s health emerged after a man from Moravia filmed a faint Clinton on 11 September.
2 September 2016
Russia’s Clandestine “Information War” in The Czech Republic Premium

Russian intelligence services are the most active foreign intelligence service in the Czech Republic, a report by the Czech counterintelligence agency found.




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