Czech Republic

3 July 2020

How a Czech influencer and his friends helped make his country a world leader in the adoption of face masks.

By Emma Whitt
29 June 2020
El Dorado in Czech Cyberspace

The pandemic has prompted an upswing in Chinese propaganda, but its impact is questionable. From the Digital Communication Network.

By Ivana Karaskova and Filip Sebok
9 June 2020
Rebuilding Statues, Reviving Old Values Premium

Even with the conservative surge, Slovakia is not Poland.

By Martin Ehl
27 May 2020
In Us We Trust Premium
In pandemic time, citizens and governments are saying: Because we don’t trust each other, we have to behave a bit more responsibly than usual.
By Martin Ehl
26 May 2020
Symbiotic Relationships

Symbios, a “social house” in Brno, aims to help young adults without adequate family situations adjust to everyday life. From

By Barbora Cihelkova
12 May 2020
Czech Republic (Re)Discovers Drive-Ins

When the coronavirus emptied streets and city centers, people found a retro solution to social isolation: drive-in theaters. 

By Emma Whitt
5 May 2020
Keep an Eye on the East Premium

As invisible foreign invaders spark panic around the globe, it’s easy for democrats to get distracted from the all-too-human threats we know so well.

By Martin Ehl
29 April 2020
History Matters Premium

Amid the pandemic, Russia, China, and others find time to debate the timing of the beginning and end of World War II and other details of years long past.

By Peter Rutland
27 April 2020
Saving the Beer Premium

Czechs (who else?) come up with a way to defend their microbreweries during the pandemic.

By Emma Whitt
16 April 2020
A Dangerous Chinese Connection Premium

As the pandemic rages, the balance of power in Central Europe is tipping, with Beijing’s thumb on the scales.

By Martin Ehl



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