Czech Republic

25 November 2015
Czech ‘Bloc Against Islam’ Leader Charged With Hate Speech

Far-right group leader’s lawyer says he is accused of inciting hatred against Muslims via Facebook posts.

24 November 2015
An Unlikely Leader in the Making?
Last week the Czech Republic witnessed the emergence of Bohuslav Sobotka as a major new political player.
By Martin Ehl
19 November 2015
V4 Mostly United on EU Issues, Budapest ‘Outlier’ on Russia
Hungary diverges most from its Visegrad Group partners on relations with Russia and the United States.
16 November 2015
Propaganda Wars in the Czech Republic
Better that Czech teenagers learn about Russian propaganda in school than be hit by it unprepared. From
By Alexandra Malachovska
13 November 2015
The Resurrection of Vaclav Klaus

At the get-together of Kremlin sympathizers in Greece last month, one of the headlines was the presence of Czech former President Vaclav Klaus.

By Katerina Safarikova
11 November 2015
Detainees in Czech Migrant Center Launch Hunger Strike
EU says at least a year is needed to process pending asylum claims.
10 November 2015
Corruption Nightmare: Ungovernable Countries Premium
A third of Romania’s political elite face prosecution or are already in jail, a third fear they will be, and a third still think themselves untouchable.
By Martin Ehl

5 November 2015
Pussy Riot: Czechs Treating Refugees Like ‘Criminals’

Russian punk musician adds to prominent voices condemning conditions at Czech detention facility as inhumane.

2 November 2015
Welcoming Migrants, Against the Tide
While the Czech government holds a strongly anti-immigrant line, groups of citizens are organizing via social media to help migrants. Among them is Marie Hermanova. This is her personal story.
By Marie Hermanova

16 October 2015
Hungary to Seal Border With Croatia Premium
Budapest says it’s ready for border closure amid migrant crisis.



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