Czech Republic

5 February 2016
U.S. ‘Shocked’ By Czechs’ Release of Lebanese Suspect
Release of kidnapped Czech nationals linked to Czech promise not to extradite Lebanese man facing U.S. charges of weapons smuggling and cocaine trafficking.
26 January 2016
Czech President Ridicules UN Refugee Project

Project aimed at teaching schoolchildren about refugees is ‘idiotic’ and ‘naive,’ says Milos Zeman, likening it to Bolshevik propaganda.

25 January 2016
West vs. East All Over Again

First Hungary, now Poland is lurching toward illiberalism. The Czechs must decide what to do about it. From Respekt

21 January 2016
Czech PM Bids for Chinese Investment

Prague is jostling for Beijing’s largesse with other Central and East European countries.

19 January 2016
Czech Republic Opens Assault on Smoking and Drinking

Plan aims to tighten the country’s lax restrictions on alcohol and tobacco.

12 January 2016
Facebook Blocks Page of Czech Anti-Islam Group

The social network’s action comes weeks after the leader of the “Bloc Against Islam” was charged with inciting racial hatred.

15 December 2015
‘Smoking Chimney’ Law Divides Czech Government

Christian Democrats say amendment violates constitutional privacy guarantee; environmentalists say it lets heavy polluters off the hook.

4 December 2015
Czechs Object to UK Plan to Limit Benefits for EU Workers
Central Europeans will not be treated ‘like second-class citizens’ of the bloc, Czech official says.
3 December 2015
Czechs, Bulgarians Won’t Oppose Russian Pipeline Expansion
Prague and Sofia won’t sign Eastern European group’s letter calling on EU to block Nord Stream-2 pipeline bypassing Ukraine.
25 November 2015
Czech ‘Bloc Against Islam’ Leader Charged With Hate Speech

Far-right group leader’s lawyer says he is accused of inciting hatred against Muslims via Facebook posts.




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