Munkh-Orgil Tsend
9 November 2016
Mongolia, IMF Close to Agreeing Loan Deal Premium

Government willing to accept external aid to rescue an export-driven economy that has been battered by low commodity prices and a backlog of old debt.

10 August 2016
Bold Mongolian Girl Stars in New Documentary Premium
Set amid stunning mountain scenery, ‘The Eagle Huntress’ follows a teenager’s dream of becoming a master of her craft.
9 August 2016
Mental Athletics Increasingly Popular in Mongolia Premium

Mongolians, statistically, are the world’s best speed memorizers, in no small part thanks to one man’s visionary scheme.

12 July 2016
Mongolian Dam Funding Paused Over Russian Concerns Premium

In a rare show of unity, the Kremlin and environmental groups concur on the risks posed to unique Lake Baikal by the proposed dam.

4 July 2016
Mongolian Opposition Sweeps to Landslide Win Premium

The Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) won a resounding victory last week in parliamentary elections after an economic downturn in recent years.

15 June 2016
New App Will Simplify Mail Delivery in Mongolia Premium
The app assigns a three-word combination to every point on the planet, ideal for the billions who have no mailing address.
22 March 2016
Mongolia Faces Hardship as Commodities Prices Slump Premium

Economy is overly dependent on Chinese demand for copper, coal and other resources, critics of government policy argue.

16 March 2016
Przewalski's Horses Headed to Russia, Mongolia Premium

European breeding programs are helping keep the critically endangered wild horse from extinction.

7 December 2015
Mongolia Bans Executions Premium
Amnesty hails government move as a victory for human rights, urges other countries to follow suit.
mongolia miner

17 November 2015
Mongolian Unionist’s Desperate Protest Over Failed Mines Policy Premium
Drastic fall-off in foreign investment reflects distrust of indecisive government.


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