22 March 2016
Mongolia Faces Hardship as Commodities Prices Slump Premium

Economy is overly dependent on Chinese demand for copper, coal and other resources, critics of government policy argue.

16 March 2016
Przewalski's Horses Headed to Russia, Mongolia Premium

European breeding programs are helping keep the critically endangered wild horse from extinction.

7 December 2015
Mongolia Bans Executions Premium
Amnesty hails government move as a victory for human rights, urges other countries to follow suit.
mongolia miner

17 November 2015
Mongolian Unionist’s Desperate Protest Over Failed Mines Policy Premium
Drastic fall-off in foreign investment reflects distrust of indecisive government.
12 October 2015
Mongolia Mulls Scrapping Corruption Cases Premium
Ministers propose new version of a vetoed law granting amnesty to convicted fraudsters.
2 October 2015
Global Trends Hit Mongolian Economy Premium

The country’s lifeline is its mining industry, but Chinese and other foreign interest is waning.

19 May 2015
Russian Ex-Soldiers Face Ukraine Terrorism Trial, Latvian Cardinal Bashes Gays Premium

Plus, Croatian leaders make a controversial visit to Ustasha massacre memorial, and Mongolia’s stalled Oyu Tolgoi mine could restart soon.

By Ky Krauthamer, Evgeny Deulin, and Casper Frederiksen
23 March 2015
NATO Commander Says Russia Still Arms Rebels, German Minister Visits Visegrad Leaders Premium

Plus, Macedonian pupils borrow a protest lesson from university students, and a town in Uzbekistan demolishes a Soviet war memorial.

By Timothy Spence
3 March 2015
Russia Bars Some Nemtsov Mourners, Ukraine Pushes Austerity Measures Premium

Plus, Mongolia is hit with a major arbitration penalty and Macedonia’s ruling party explains its call for a ‘fight.’

By Piers Lawson, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Casper Frederiksen

26 February 2015
Russian Paratroopers Train Near Baltic Borders, Central Asians Nabbed in U.S. Terror Plot Premium

Plus, Mongolia frees foreign businessmen in a tax-dodge case and Macedonia’s students kill a new measure on university exams.

By Piers Lawson, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Casper Frederiksen



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