9 January 2017
Uzbekistan Delays Adoption of Relaxed Travel Rules

The isolated country’s dream of becoming the next Central Asian tourist mecca is on hold.

13 December 2016
Kyrgyz Approve Constitutional Changes

Is the bellwether of Central Asian democracy turning inward, even as closed-off Uzbekistan gradually opens to the world?

5 December 2016
No Surprises in Uzbekistan Election Premium

Acting president will become the real thing after obliterating the competition in a poll that fell short of international standards, observers say.

2 December 2016
Central Asian Feast Food, Nowruz Holiday Win UNESCO Honors Premium

UN cultural agency adds 16 cultural practices to its Intangible Heritage List.

28 November 2016
Uzbekistan to Choose New Leader in Milestone Election Premium

Four candidates are running for president of Uzbekistan in Sunday’s election, although it may be hard for voters to tell them apart.

15 November 2016
Estonia Enjoys Most Internet Freedom, Uzbekistan Among Those With the Least Premium

Freedom House Internet freedom report shows that internet freedom continues to decline, while digital activism grows throughout the world.

11 November 2016
Influential EU Trade Committee Greenlights Controversial Trade Deal With Uzbekistan Premium

Human right activists strongly oppose the draft legislation, seen as condoning the use of forced labor for harvesting cotton. 

2 November 2016
U.S. Seeks 'Humanitarian Parole' for Uzbekistan Prisoner Premium

Washington is appealing for amnesty for man whom rights groups call one of the Central Asian nation’s longest-serving political prisoners.

31 October 2016
Uzbekistan Ratifies Convention That Might Improve Labor Conditions Premium
Move could eventually help curtail forced labor in cotton trade, but activists remain skeptical.
13 October 2016
Uzbek Senate Vote in Favor of Amnesty for Constitution Day Premium

The acting president’s pardon proposal might be intended as a popularity boost ahead of presidential elections in December. 




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