6 December 2016
Turkmen Journalist Arrested for Tobacco Possession Premium

Critics believe arrests and threats against reporters are part of a larger, ongoing campaign to silence voices of dissent. 

18 November 2016
Turkmen Leader Orders More Food on the Table Premium

Reports from the isolated country increasingly speak of shortages and queues; regime may seek renewed ties with Moscow.

18 October 2016
HRW: Death of Turkmen Dissident Journalist’s Brother ‘Suspicious’ Premium

Chary Annamuradov’s last living brother was kidnapped and beaten to death last month; three others had already died suspicious deaths.

8 August 2016
In Search of a Turkmen Nation Premium

How the bizarre eccentricities of the country’s leaders and a wealth of new customs are contributing to the creation of ‘invented traditions.’

By Abel Polese
4 August 2016
More Money Woes for Stricken Turkmenistan Premium

Forex restrictions hit importers, sparking a rush on shops. Can TAPI save the day?

11 April 2016
Turkmen Leader Sacks Economy Chiefs Premium

GDP growth has slowed under the impact of falling energy prices and economic downturn in Russia and China.

4 April 2016
Turkmenistan Shows Off New Chinese Missile System Premium

Development could be a sign of shifting balance of power in Central Asia.

13 January 2016
Currency Jitters Hit Central Asian Savers Premium

Turkmenistan bans foreign currency sales in latest indication of region’s vulnerability to low energy prices. 

5 January 2016
Russia Stops Buying Turkmen Gas Premium

Energy-rich but lacking infrastructure, Turkmenistan looks to huge new markets in the EU and South Asia.

9 December 2015
Famed Turkmen Horseman Describes Prison Horror Premium

Geldy Kyarizov was barred from leaving country for years in spite of his worldwide fame – or due to it.



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