3 November 2015
Kerry Urges Central Asia Regimes to Respect Rights

Washington tries to strike uneasy balance between human rights and pragmatism in the region.

29 October 2015
War on Terror to Dominate Kerry’s Central Asia Tour

U.S. diplomatic chief’s first trip to region will feature visits to some of the least free countries on the planet.

20 October 2015
Dushanbe Residents in Bid to Save Soviet-Era Buildings

Decrepit old structures must go, but plans for their replacements are classified, official claims.

19 October 2015
CIS Leaders Agree to Extend Military Cooperation Premium

Leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have signed 17 agreements on military cooperation.

16 October 2015
Outrage Over Tajikistan’s First Online Sex Shop Premium
Mullahs condemn shop as threat to traditional marriage and family values.
7 October 2015
Tajikistan Rounds Up Accused Islamist ‘Coup’ Plotters Premium
Dushanbe concerned as Afghan Taliban forces push toward the countries’ shared border.
30 September 2015
Lawyer of Banned Tajik Islamic Party Held Premium
Buzurgmehr Yorov is representing party leaders accused of complicity in deadly attacks on a defense ministry complex.
28 September 2015
Tajikistan to Criminalize 'Witchcraft' Premium

After targeting beards and lavish parties, President Rahmon seeks harsher punishment for witch-doctors, fortune-tellers.

15 September 2015
Post-Soviet Leaders Gather in Tense Tajikistan Premium
Ten-day manhunt fails to locate accused ‘coup’ leader Nazarzoda.
7 September 2015
Moldovans Demand Change Premium

Plus, U.S. stealth fighters visit NATO allies and Croatia’s foreign minister sets sights on top UN job.




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