4 July 2014
Southern Kyrgyzstan's Dark Ages

Tens of thousands of households in southern Kyrgyzstan have been making do without natural gas for cooking, and worries have begun about heating homes when the summer sun has gone.

By Bakyt Ibraimov
Osh Bazaar Kyrgyz Kid100
25 June 2014
Children Hiding from the Law in Kyrgyzstan

Child workers and activists contend that the police harass, not help, youngsters working in the country’s bazaars. From IWPR.

By Timur Toktonaliev
18 June 2014
Washington Slashes Central Asian Security Aid, Croatia Widens Oil and Gas Search

Plus, Georgians rally against harsh drug laws and a new report details the long hours and low pay of garment workers in the region.

By Ky Krauthamer, Mane Grigoryan, Rebecca Johnson, and Madeleine Stern
16 June 2014
Russia Shuts off Ukraine’s Gas, Planes Vanish from Central European Radar

Plus, a crucial gold mine in Kyrygzstan averts a shutdown and Croatia loses a war-crimes judgment.

By Piers Lawson, Barbara Frye, Rebecca Johnson, and Madeleine Stern
10 June 2014
Ukraine to Open Refugee Corridors, Czechs Warn Albania Over CEZ Affair

Plus, Turkmenistan is edgy over increasing cross-border militant attacks and a court says Hungary’s controversial Jobbik party is not extremist.

By Ky Krauthamer, Marketa Horazna, Rebecca Johnson, and Madeleine Stern
5 June 2014
Russia Sends Big Check to Kyrgyzstan, Estonia Probes Corruption in Security Agency

Plus, rare white lions find a home in Hungary and NATO’s chief tells Russia to accept Georgia’s membership hopes.

By Barbara Frye, Rebecca Johnson, and Madeleine Stern
23 May 2014
Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Rebel Attack, Bosnia’s Flood Victims Left Adrift

Plus, Russians get a look at the huge bill for Crimea and Czech makers of deadly bootleg booze get life in prison.

By S. Adam Cardais, Ioana Caloianu, and Rebecca Johnson
13 May 2014
Kyrgyzstan Ends Uzbek-Language University Entrance Exams

As graduates prep for the crucial tests, those from the country’s largest minority wonder if there is any point in taking them.

By Chingiz Toloev
12 May 2014
Russian Largesse Wins Belarusian Loyalty, Russian Threats Provoke Moldovan Ire

Plus, Kyrgyzstan leads the region in maternal deaths and Armenia’s civil society protests Russian envoy’s remarks. 

By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Jeremy Druker, and Lily Sieradzki
9 May 2014
Unrest on Kyrgyz-Tajik Border, No Gas in Southern Kyrgyzstan

Plus, Washington sanctions Russia over Syria, and is Romania the EU’s Silicon Valley?

By S. Adam Cardais, Jeremy Druker, and Barbara Frye



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