13 April 2016
Worried Kyrgyz NGOs Await Voting on “Foreign Agent” Bill Premium

Activists protest against a proposed Kremlin-style bill that would impose the "foreign agent” label and restrict foreign funding.

24 March 2016
Troops Deployed Near Disputed Ferghana Valley Mountain Premium

Kyrgyz opposition groups protest perceived official inaction to settle long-running border disputes.

2 February 2016
Iran Potential Economic Lifeline for Struggling Central Asia Premium

The region badly needs new investment as Russian money flees. Yet significant cooperation with Iran is years away.

20 January 2016
Central Asian Religion Reporting Probed Premium

Region’s media often serve as mouthpieces for policies that stigmatize all but non-political religious activity.

6 January 2016
Bishkek Skyline Reflects Som’s Drop Premium

Stalled construction projects across Kyrgyzstan capital’s ‘golden quarter’ are emblematic of the currency’s sharp losses.

4 January 2016
Kyrgyzstan Deports Briton for Insulting National Dish Premium

A British employee of Kyrgyzstan's biggest gold mine lands himself in hot water by comparing the country’s national dish to a horse’s penis.

22 December 2015
Kyrgyzstan Mulls Tighter Visa Rules in Face of Terror Threat Premium

Security chief says Islamists from Western Europe could strike in the country, but gives no evidence.

1 December 2015
Kyrgyzstan’s Luckiest Baby Premium
Former Soviet republic rewards family of its 6 millionth citizen with cash, new home.
19 October 2015
CIS Leaders Agree to Extend Military Cooperation Premium

Leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have signed 17 agreements on military cooperation.

12 October 2015
Terrorists Escape Kyrgyzstan Prison Premium
Three guards killed as Islamist inmates break out.



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