10 January 2017
Central Asian Uighurs Caught Between Two Fires

The region’s small Uighur community is keen to distance itself from accusations of terrorism.

16 December 2016
Hidebound Kyrgyz Drinkers Warm to All-Woman Pub

'How do your husbands let you brew beer?’ blustered one male customer at a new Bishkek drinking spot.

13 December 2016
Kyrgyz Approve Constitutional Changes

Is the bellwether of Central Asian democracy turning inward, even as closed-off Uzbekistan gradually opens to the world?

25 October 2016
Kyrgyzstan's Ruling Coalition Collapses Premium
President's party quits majority coalition over partners' refusal to support constitutional amendments.
5 October 2016
Kyrgyzstan Retries Ethnic Uzbek Activist Premium
UN says Azimjan Askarov, jailed for life in 2010 for stirring up ethnic hatred left 450 people dead, was tortured and denied a fair trial.
30 September 2016
Kyrgyzstan’s Crumbling Democracy Premium

A trend of growing authoritarianism continues in Central Asia with Kyrgyzstan’s new referendum.

20 September 2016
Kyrgyz Leader Expected to Return to Work After Heart Scare Premium

Almazbek Atambaev will likely restart his presidential duties next month after chest pains forced the cancellation of his visit to the UN General Assembly.

7 September 2016
Kyrgyzstan Hosts Second World Nomad Games Premium

This edition of the ethno-sports fest is bigger, brighter, and much better publicized than the original. 

Moscow fire 27.8.16
29 August 2016
Russia Opens Probe of Moscow Fire Tragedy Premium

Deaths of 14 Kyrgyzstani migrants underline the often hard conditions that Central Asian workers face.


17 August 2016
Startup Brings Internet to Remote Kyrgyz Villages Premium

Only one in seven households in the Central Asian country has the internet, and far fewer have access to broadband service.




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