The Emperor’s New Clothes

Can an ordinary Belarusian dress just like President Lukashenka?

By Paulina Kaltavicanka
22 March 2017
Around the Bloc
Huge Ukraine Arms Blast Blamed on Saboteurs

Thousands are being evacuated from area around military base near Kharkiv.

23 March 2017
Around the Bloc
Polish Payment App Gaining in Popularity

An alternative to PayPal, Blik enables users to carry out an array of transactions securely and at the touch of a fingertip. 

22 March 2017
There’s No Stopping Navalny

Don’t make Russia’s anti-Kremlin opposition angry, because you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry. From Global Voices. 

By Isaac Webb
22 March 2017
Around the Bloc
EU West Balkans Plan Off to Rocky Start

Kosovo, Albania not enthused about economic cooperation with neighbors in the restive region.

21 March 2017
Around the Bloc
Bulgarian Rightists Block Turkish Border

Barricades embody many Bulgarians’ fury with Ankara over alleged meddling in next weekend’s election.

21 March 2017
Around the Bloc
More Revelations Emerge of Huge Money Laundering Operation

Reports say four-year scheme channeled $20 billion, maybe much more, on a wild ride from Russia to Moldova to Latvia.

21 March 2017
Around the Bloc
Lukashenka Lambastes Western ‘Fifth Column’

Protest groups plan more anti-government demonstrations this week.

21 March 2017
Arts & Culture
Art in Ruins

Street art speaks to locals in Mostar.

By Bruno Stojcic and Asja Celebic
10 March 2017
Arts & Culture
Kyiv: A City of Murals

Will the Ukrainian capital become a new center of street art culture?

By Viktoria Ischenko
9 March 2017
Arts & Culture
Girl Power Through Grafitti, from Prague to New York

The co-director of a documentary on female graffiti artists talks about the origins of the movement in Central Europe, the scene on the two sides of the Atlantic, and its future in the digital world. 

By Miyu Hayashi
7 March 2017
Convert and Love: Russia’s Muslim Wives

Russian women marrying Muslim men convert to Islam in the certainty that a shared religion will strengthen their family, but most often cultural differences often win out. From openDemocracy.

By Ekaterina Neroznikova
2 March 2017
Sex Ed in Moldova: Easier Said Than Done
Despite several legislative attempts, and support at many level of society, the subject remains off-limits to the vast majority of Moldovan students. From Ziarul de Garda. By Maria Shvetz
1 March 2017
PremiumStanding Up For “Parasites”

The anger in Belarus over a tax on the unemployed and other supposed freeloaders can be justified through the absurdity of the law itself.  

By Andrei Yeliseyeu
27 February 2017
Moldovan Homecoming

After years of living and working abroad, can homeward-bound Moldovans make their entrepreneurial dreams come true? From Ziarul de Garda.

By Liliya Zakharia
22 February 2017
Pyrrhic Victory for Georgia’s United National Movement

Although Mikheil Saakashvili retained the UNM’s brand after its split, has he also damaged the party’s chances at acting as a stable opposition force?

By JAM News
20 February 2017
PremiumPrepaid Surveillance

The Polish authorities are sacrificing citizens’ fundamental rights in a misguided strategy to increase security.

By Anna Obem
17 February 2017
Protecting Eastern European Journalists, Before It’s Too Late

More than half a year after the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet, his colleagues are frustrated about the apparent lack of progress in finding his killers. From Hromadske. 

16 February 2017
Newspapers Without News

Moldova has been a regional leader in open government, but the media recently launched a campaign to highlight backtracking on commitments to greater transparency.

14 February 2017


Peter Rutland
Cries From Syria

The world watched, and watched, and watched.

17 March 2017
Middle Europa
Poland’s Deceptive Enthusiasm for Europe

Some Poles actually aren’t so comfortable with the values that the EU is pushing.

15 March 2017
The Fourth Estate
No Hope in Sight

Given the media’s role in recent elections, only a fool would think this year will be any better. 

3 March 2017
Middle Europa
Hungary Gaining Momentum Premium
Could we be seeing, finally, the dawn of a viable alternative to one-party rule?By MARTIN EHL
24 February 2017
Ivory Tower
Introducing Trumpology Premium

Flynn’s departure complicates the notion of a radical shift of U.S. policy on Russia, but how likely was that anyway?

15 February 2017
Middle Europa
Why Vladimir Meets Viktor Premium

Putin’s visit to Budapest is yet another signal of changing loyalties and orientations – once unthinkable just a few years ago. 

1 February 2017
The Fourth Estate
Evolution Gone Wrong Premium

Predicting media development in Romania after it happens.

30 January 2017



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