Central Asia

22 February 2010
Going to Extremes Premium
One nine-letter word has been a godsend to autocrats who want to put a respectable face on their excesses.
By Alyaksandr Yanusik
17 February 2010
Slow-Motion Catastrophe

Some Mongolians are in the grips of a humanitarian crisis that will last at least through the winter. From EurasiaNet.

By Andrew Cullen
Image 15303
15 February 2010
Democracy, Donors, and Local Elections

A commentary from a decade ago protested that the West ignores the authoritarian reality in Kyrgyzstan.

By L.M. Handrahan
15 February 2010
The President and His Prince

Bakiev wants to change Kyrgyzstan’s constitution yet again, and his son will likely be the big winner.

By Abdujalil Abdurasulov
5 February 2010
Stop or We'll Sue Premium

Tajik officials are burying independent media in a blitz of lawsuits.

4 February 2010
Investing as Extreme Sport Premium

Turkmenistan wants to attract more foreign investment, but it’s still a place best suited to thrill-seekers.

By Naz Nazar


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