Southeastern Europe

8 October 2015
The Art of ‘Secondary Architecture’: Raw, Recycled – and Roma

A self-taught Romani architect joins forces with an artist to breathe new life into tossed-aside objects.

By Milica Dimitrijevic
8 October 2015
Bulgaria Denies Kyrgyzstan Extradition Request

Canadian mining company ex-CEO faces ‘trumped-up’ corruption charges.

8 October 2015
Macedonia Kills 'Gag Bill' Amid Protests

Draft law was hoped to criminalize publication of 'bombshell' materials from mass wiretapping scandal.

7 October 2015
Romania Mulls ‘Legal Bribes’ to Stem Doctors’ Exodus

Only a few hundred of the doctors now working at the country’s public hospitals are aged 30 or younger.

6 October 2015
Romania Bucks Anti-GM Trend

Despite strict regulations, EU is a major buyer of biotech grain.




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