Southeastern Europe

4 February 2016
Romania Suspends ‘Prison Publishing’ Loophole
Convicted politicians and wealthy businessmen have shaved months off of their sentences by publishing ‘scientific work’ while behind bars.
4 February 2016
Arrests at Kosovo Monastery Enrage Orthodox Locals

Despite claims of their ‘Wahhabi’ look, the armed men won’t be charged with terrorism, police say.

2 February 2016
Traffickers Return to Macedonia-Greece Border

Tighter controls along the migrant route to Germany via Turkey are forcing would-be asylum seekers into desperate measures.

2 February 2016
Serbian Defense Minister Sacked for Sexist Remark

Bratislav Gasic has refused to step down despite outcry over his remark to a female reporter.

1 February 2016
Four Dead in Slovenian Massive Pile-Up

At least four people died and more than 50 are injured in Slovenia after thick fog causes several collisions on the highway.

29 January 2016
2015 Saw Worst Decline in Freedom in a Decade: Report

Freedom House says oil price drop major factor in crackdown among repressive Eurasian petro-states, while refugee crisis has led to demagoguery in the EU.




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