Southeastern Europe

27 November 2015
Criminals Face Albanian Politics Ban
Elected and appointed officials could be barred from public service for 10 years or more.
26 November 2015
Bulgarian Diaspora Grows as Home Population Keeps Shrinking
Remittances from foreign-based workers are vital to the nation’s economy.
25 November 2015
Romania to Pay 1989 Protesters
ECHR rules in favor of demonstrators injured in Bucharest uprising that brought down Ceausescu.
24 November 2015
200,000 Kosovans Sign Petition Against Serbia Deals
Kosovo's constitution obliges the authorities to consider an initiative against giving ethnic Serb population greater autonomy.
24 November 2015
Bosnia Floods - Catastrophe Authorities Forgot

Last year’s floods were the worst in 30 years, made even more damaging by a combination of institutional inefficiency and changing weather patterns.

By Semir Mujkic
23 November 2015
Balkan Migration Policies Under Fire
Amnesty and three UN agencies blast new measures in Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia aimed at restricting refugees.



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