Eastern Europe & Russia

Dnepr rocket
11 April 2011
The Proletarian Technical Musical Revolution Premium

How Hollywood, heavy metal, and Boney M brought subversive ideologies to a closed city and helped bring down the Soviet Union.

By Peter Rutland
8 April 2011
Voina Declares War on Russian Philistines Premium

A Russian public-art collective embarrassed the authorities with public sex and a gigantic phallus, but it was their attack on the police that stung officials into taking action against group members.

By Vladimir Kozlov
7 April 2011
Hungry and Humiliated Premium

The recent death of an elderly shoplifter throws a glaring spotlight on Russia’s pathetic social safety net.

By Galina Stolyarova
Belarus Freedom Day
6 April 2011
A Shorter Leash Premium

The crackdown in Belarus’ provinces has been less fierce than in Minsk, but that may be because the regime has tighter control there.

By Andrei Khrapavitski
5 April 2011
Absurd, Banal, and Cruel

An extraordinary account of an ordinary case shows why the phrase "Russian justice" has become an oxymoron. From openDemocracy.

By Andrei Loshak



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