Eastern Europe & Russia

22 March 2011
Desperate Measures

Reports of massive fraud in Russia’s local elections last week reflect the diminishing power of Putin, the unpopularity of his local henchmen, and the ruling party’s lack of unifying ideology.

By BBC Monitoring
21 March 2011
No More Sour Grapes Premium

The loss of the Russian market might have been just the kick Moldova’s wine makers needed.

By Grigore Brinza
16 March 2011
Dishing the Dirt, or the Polish Way Premium

The smaller Central European countries could take a lesson from Warsaw’s subtler way of dealing with the American ally.

By Martin Ehl
15 March 2011
Bulking Up Premium

As other emerging markets grab the headlines, multinationals will be the key to helping Central and Eastern European economies punch above their weight.

By Sergei Korol
14 March 2011
The Remains of the Day Premium
Those who risked their lives to contain and clean up the effects of the Chernobyl disaster recall those days and the indelible aftereffects.
By Andres Schipani-Aduriz
10 March 2011
The Tsar’s Unfinished Business Premium

One hundred and fifty years ago, Alexander II abolished serfdom in Russia. At least on paper.

By Galina Stolyarova



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