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24 August 2011
Когда образование догма

Учителя пользовались престижем, но в коммунистической школе не было правды и творчества.

By Ирена Юрьевич, Нино Чимакадзе, Григорий Брынза и Ксения Корзун
24 August 2011
When Education was Dogma

Teachers enjoyed stature, but facts and creativity were absent in the communist classroom. Pусская версия

By Irena Jurjevic, Nino Chimakadze, Grigore Brinza, and Ksenia Korzun
24 August 2011
An Imprisoned Tymoshenko Has Them Right Where She Wants Them Premium
The Ukrainian opposition leader knows from experience that there’s nothing like a stint in jail to lift her ratings and maybe even win the West’s sympathy.
By BBC Monitoring
22 August 2011
Russia, Between Putsch and Putin Premium

A wrap-up of the country’s frequently arcane politics in 1996 shows the currents that would carry it from post-communism to Putinism.

By Laura Belin and Robert W. Orttung
19 August 2011
Don't Forget Belarus Premium

European ministers gathering in Poland need to redouble their efforts to support victims of the Lukashenka regime.



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