Eastern Europe & Russia

28 July 2011
From the Russian Borderlands, a Hero of Our Time Premium

In the latest novel by Serhiy Zhadan, a public relations consultant encounters the seedy underside of life in today’s Ukraine.

By Ostap Karmodi
28 July 2011
A Kind-Hearted Bureaucrat and a Rare Happy Ending Premium

Somewhere in the machinery of government lurk people who want to do the right thing, given a chance.

By Galina Stolyarova
19 July 2011
Yuri Lutsenko: Views From a Prison Cell Premium

Six months after his arrest, former Ukrainian Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko says the corruption case against him is purely political. From openDemocracy.

By Iryna Solomko
18 July 2011
Russia Rediscovers the Dictum That All Politics is Local Premium

Medvedev’s declaration of intent to redistribute power opens a chink for greater popular participation in Russian politics.

By Nikolay Protsenko
18 July 2011
Russia’s Other Oppressed Sexual Minority
Russian men may be their own worst enemies, unable to adapt to the challenges of the new economy.
By Julie V. Brown


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