Eastern Europe & Russia

21 September 2011
Lenin Returns to a Moldovan Village Premium

The cast-iron revolutionary is snatched from the crusher by a collector who figures it could be worth something some day.

By Grigore Brinza
21 September 2011
Minsk Gets an Earful from UN, Earfuls Could Get Cheaper in Balkans Premium
Plus, wet weather delights mushroom pickers and creeping progressivism worries Czech president.
By Jeremy Druker and Ioana Caloianu
20 September 2011
Russia and Central Asia Fight the Arab Revolutions

Moscow suggests its neighbors to the east adopt its brand of sham democracy, but they probably won’t even go that far. From the Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst.

By Stephen Blank
19 September 2011
Latvia Says 'Da' to Pro-Russia Group, Minsk Bombing Suspects Enter the Dock

Plus, Russian investigators say navigator in June plane crash was drunk and Serbian mom says metal objects stick to her son. 

By Barbara Frye and Ioana Caloianu
16 September 2011
Russia Overreaches Itself in Struggle to Control the Caucasus

Moscow’s inability to rein in its South Caucasian satellites may affect Russia’s posture across the volatile Caucasus region.

By Valery Dzutsev



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