Eastern Europe & Russia

11 April 2012
Moscow’s Growing Pains, Chechnya Looks South for Oil Investors

Plus, new protests against Belgrade Romani settlements and a makeover for one of the Soviet Union’s top pilgrimage sites.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, and Joshua Boissevain
10 April 2012
Baku Sees a Rare Legal Protest, Albania Catches the Greek Disease

Plus, South Ossetia finally has a president and Romania announces plans to close its remaining orphanages.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, and Joshua Boissevain

6 April 2012
In Transdniester, a Change at the Top Premium
Will the statelet’s new de facto president bring reform or just put a new face on the same old hustle?
By Mihai Popescu

6 April 2012
Yushchenko Poisoning Case Closes, Russian Official Resigns Over Prisoner Death

Plus, Moscow welcomes Kyrgyz migrants, and U.S. urges results in Kosovo-Serbia talks. 

By S. Adam Cardais and Joshua Boissevain



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