Eastern Europe & Russia

5 August 2011
For Estonia’s Russian Speakers, Two Decades with a Gray Passport Premium

The fall of the Soviet Union meant that some who had been citizens of the largest country on earth were now citizens of nowhere.

By Marian Manni
2 August 2011
What Eastern European Film Fans are Watching This Summer Premium

New and notable summer films from Russia, Romania, Serbia, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

By Michelle Timmerman
1 August 2011
How the Soviet Legacy Shaped Nuclear Arms Cuts Premium

Twenty years ago the Soviet and American leaders agreed to make huge cuts in their nuclear arsenals. The next round of cuts may depend on who becomes Russia’s next president.

By Scott Parrish
1 August 2011
Time to Retool Russia’s Higher Education

What to do when everyone wants a university degree yet schools don’t produce the graduates that businesses need? From Forbes.ru.

By Vladimir Mau
28 July 2011
From the Russian Borderlands, a Hero of Our Time Premium

In the latest novel by Serhiy Zhadan, a public relations consultant encounters the seedy underside of life in today’s Ukraine.

By Ostap Karmodi
28 July 2011
A Kind-Hearted Bureaucrat and a Rare Happy Ending Premium

Somewhere in the machinery of government lurk people who want to do the right thing, given a chance.

By Galina Stolyarova


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