Eastern Europe & Russia

12 April 2011
Getting Back to Nature, Slavic Style Premium

Ukraine’s modern-day pagans run the gamut from artsy sun worshippers to hard, angry metal bands.

By Ksenia Korzun
Surkov cover
12 April 2011
Dark Prince of the Kremlin Premium

The speeches and essays of Vladislav Surkov – half-Chechen, one-time aide to Khodorkovsky, sometime novelist, and current-day political technician – reveal a scary self-awareness. From openDemocracy.

By Richard Sakwa
11 April 2011
Poland's Body Blow Premium

The Smolensk plane crash might have been a chance for rapprochement between Russia and Poland, but it was too useful as a political tool.

By Wojciech Kosc and Parker Snyder
Dnepr rocket
11 April 2011
The Proletarian Technical Musical Revolution Premium

How Hollywood, heavy metal, and Boney M brought subversive ideologies to a closed city and helped bring down the Soviet Union.

By Peter Rutland
8 April 2011
Voina Declares War on Russian Philistines Premium

A Russian public-art collective embarrassed the authorities with public sex and a gigantic phallus, but it was their attack on the police that stung officials into taking action against group members.

By Vladimir Kozlov
7 April 2011
Hungry and Humiliated Premium

The recent death of an elderly shoplifter throws a glaring spotlight on Russia’s pathetic social safety net.

By Galina Stolyarova



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