Eastern Europe & Russia

8 July 2011
Report on Lawyer’s Death Provides a Chance for Medvedev to Redeem Himself Premium

Russia’s president needs to do far more than just listen to the damning findings on the case of Sergei Magnitsky.

7 July 2011
Tymoshenko Stars in Ukraine’s Summer Blockbuster Premium

The criminal trial of the former opposition leader is short on substance, long on theater.

By Sergey Sydorenko
6 July 2011
With a Taboo Topic, Georgia Injects New Life Into Caucasian Affairs Premium

Georgia’s emerging policy toward the North Caucasus is bringing new opportunities and challenges for this volatile region and may transform Georgia itself.

By Valery Dzutsev
6 July 2011
In Minsk, the Sound of No Hands Clapping

What if an angry autocrat gave a defiant speech and no one applauded?

By BBC Monitoring
5 July 2011
Politics and Psychology, Shaped in Bronze and Marble Premium

Statues and monuments are an uncanny guide to a people’s vices, grievances, and insecurities.

By Ioana Caloianu
NATO-Russia Council 4.7.2011
4 July 2011
Russia and NATO: Confrontation, Cooperation, or a Third Way? Premium

As NATO and Russian officials meet with global peacekeeping on the agenda, a look back at the tensions over the alliance’s expansion to include former Soviet republics.

By Dmitri Litvinovich


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