Eastern Europe & Russia

Igor Smirnov
27 September 2011
Poor Belarus, Bulgarian Crowds Uncover Vote-Buying Premium

Plus, Bosnians threatened with loss of visa-free travel and Poles take to the streets of Vilnius.

By Ky Krauthamer and Ioana Caloianu
26 September 2011
Simmering Tensions Boil Over in Bulgaria, Former KGB Agent Tapped to be President of Russia Premium

Plus, church and state head for a showdown in Moldova and an American will become a Bolshoi star.

By Jeremy Druker, Ioana Calaianu, and Kaitlyn Meade
26 September 2011
Slow-Motion Protest Premium

Drivers in one Russian town take to the roads to protest the rising cost of driving a car.

By Alexander Tretyakov
23 September 2011
Moscow Announces Missile Plans, Czech Minister Gets Slap Happy Premium

Plus, Kyrgyzstan muzzles the media and Romania's wordsmith cleans up new dictionary.

By S. Adam Cardais
22 September 2011
Dagestan: Snow, Sand, and Tractors Premium

Billions in federal money, local wealth, and investments from as far away as China and the United States are poised to flow into the unstable Russian republic.

By Nikolay Protsenko



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