Eastern Europe & Russia

6 September 2010
A Chernobyl Moment Premium

Sadly, many of the circumstances that surrounded the Beslan massacre six years ago remain unchanged.

3 September 2010
The Indirect Path Toward a Republic for All Moldovans Premium

The 5 September referendum and upcoming elections might be the starting point of a colorless transformation in Moldova.

2 September 2010
The Right to Life, With an Asterisk Premium

For too many Russians who get sick, a piece of paper will decide their fate.

By Galina Stolyarova
31 August 2010
Still a Land of Possibilities

Ukraine may be rolling back some of the civic gains it made this decade, but  it’s hardly ripe for authoritarianism. From openDemocracy.

By Ingo Petz
transdniester flag
30 August 2010
Bumpkins vs. Mafiosi Premium

Even though non-communists have come to power in Moldova, the conflict over the future of Transdniester in some ways is a reenactment of the struggles of Soviet communism.

By Taras Kuzio
26 August 2010
Shotgun Philanthropy

Russian businesses are taking charge of some of the country’s post-fire reconstruction, with a little prodding from the Kremlin. From Russia Profile.

By Tai Adelaja


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