Eastern Europe & Russia

23 September 2010
Unquiet Flows the Don Premium

Under a dynamic new governor handpicked by the Kremlin, sleepy Rostov region is poised to become the hub of southern Russia.

By Nikolay Protsenko
21 September 2010
With Charity Toward Some Premium

The head of a leading Russian charity on the state of post-Soviet giving.

By Andy Markowitz
20 September 2010
The One That Got Away. Again Premium

The detention and subsequent release of Akhmed Zakayev in Poland is not the first time that Moscow nearly had the elusive Chechen in its grasp.

16 September 2010
Shameful Exercise Premium

Brave Internet users are trying to end Russian serfdom for good, 150 years after it was outlawed.

By Galina Stolyarova
16 September 2010
Ukraine’s Gift Horse Premium

As the country’s richest man becomes a major philanthropist, many question his motives. Other’s say they don’t matter. Third in a series.

By Christine Demkowych
14 September 2010
Medvedev’s Open Society Premium

The Russian leader calls on his fellow citizens to build a better democracy but at the same time not to stray beyond “clearly-established legal boundaries.”



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