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24 June 2011
Is the End Near for Transdniester Leader Smirnov? Premium

Russia has been Transdniester’s major backer since it broke away from Moldova, but there are indications that the Kremlin is losing patience with its long-time ruler.

By BBC Monitoring
21 June 2011
Full-Flavored Summer Reading Premium

The renown of these five writers reaches far beyond the borders of their home countries – or should.

By Michelle Timmerman
16 June 2011
St. Petersburg Reins in Those Thieving Parents of Disabled Children Premium

A new rule makes life more miserable and humiliating for one of the country’s most vulnerable groups.

By Galina Stolyarova

15 June 2011
For Russia, Macroeconomic Lessons from the Past

Budgets based on the promise of high oil prices make for unreliable policy. From Forbes.ru.

By Vladimir Mau
14 June 2011
The CIS Brat Pack Premium

A look at the children of leaders around the former USSR and their charmed lives.

By Ioana Caloianu
13 June 2011
Minsk’s Economic Optimism Rings Hollow in Belarusian Ears Premium

The Lukashenka economic model is teetering as prices rise, the currency continues to weaken, and lenders demand strict conditions for emergency loans.

By Oksana Kolb


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