Eastern Europe & Russia

11 April 2013
Moldova: Retirement Paradise Lost Premium

Rising poverty and splintered families wreak havoc on the lives of the country’s oldest citizens.

By Dmitri Romanovski
10 April 2013
Mourning in Serbia, Competing Inaugurations in Armenia

Plus, Albanians to vote on garbage and Estonia frets over its success.

By Erik N. Nelson, Ioana Caloianu, and Vladimir Matan
9 April 2013
Russian Journalist Disabled in Attack Dies, Montenegrin President Reelected
Plus, Kyrgyzstan mulls chemical castration for pedophiles and Georgian lawmakers propose a massive review of court verdicts.
By S. Adam Cardais, Ioana Caloianu, and Vladimir Matan
8 April 2013
Merkel Chides Putin, Yanukovych Pardons Foes

Plus, Belgrade asks for more talks on Kosovo and Croatian war veterans march against Cyrillic signs.

By Barbara Frye, Joshua Boissevain, Ioana Caloianu and Vladimir Matan
8 April 2013
New Memories for Tajikistan
Government efforts to emphasize an ancient history aim to unify the country behind its current rulers. From openDemocracy
By Eleanor Dalgleish
Abdumalik Abdullojonov100
5 April 2013
Ukraine Frees Ex-Tajik Leader, Offshore Records Embarrass High-Fliers

Plus, Slovenia says it’s not another Cyprus and an accused Kosovo organ trafficker pleads guilty.

By S. Adam Cardais, Joshua Boissevain, and Ioana Caloianu



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