Central Europe & Baltics

Martin Ehl
20 January 2010
Endless Crisis Premium

Latvians are mad as hell over shrinking benefits, and the courts are listening.

By Martin Ehl
18 January 2010
A Long-Delayed Encounter Premium

In 2002 the late Michael T. Kaufman recalled a gathering of former foes in Warsaw.

By Michael T. Kaufman
11 January 2010
Survival Year Premium

2009 was a brutal year for the media across much of Central and Eastern Europe. This year may turn out to be much worse.

By Marius Dragomir
Katerina Safarikova

6 January 2010
A Modest Proposal Premium

A lapsed Brussels correspondent reflects on how to bring the EU home to its citizens.

By Katerina Safarikova
4 January 2010
The Promised Land? Premium
More than four years after their exodus to Canada, Czech Roma are still finding it hard to build a new life. But none, it seems, would want their old life back.
By Johanna Grohova
4 January 2010
Scandal in Bohemia

A degree-granting affair opens the Czech public’s eyes to a burgeoning problem of university governance and financing.

русская версия


By Michael L. Smith
Martin Ehl

23 December 2009
Year of Populists and Nationalists Premium

Many new EU members are gearing up for bruising political battles in 2010, and hoping the strife doesn’t spread to the streets.

By Martin Ehl


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