Central Europe & Baltics

23 September 2009
Wild and Crazy Guys Premium
In boom times, bankers are as excitable as the rest of us. But some politicians still don’t want to listen to the killjoy regulators.
By BBC Monitoring
Czech-Slovak EU battle group
23 September 2009
Over to You Premium
The end of America’s Czech- and Polish-based missile shield should be a wake-up call for Europe.
By Katerina Safarikova
22 September 2009
History as Crucible Premium
Poland's fixation with the past is inevitable in a country that has had to forge its identity over centuries of being torn to pieces.
By Gregory Slysz
21 September 2009
Sinking Fast Premium
As political bickering over Polish public TV reaches new heights, the station may be beyond saving.
By Marius Dragomir
18 September 2009
Devilish Details of a Complex Relationship Premium
Despite Washington’s climbdown on missile defense, too much water may have passed down the Volga for a dramatic turnaround in U.S.-Russia relations to occur.
Gordon Bajnai
16 September 2009
Integration as Anti-Crisis Weapon Premium
The economic slump is widening existing social and ethnic fault lines, the Hungarian premier says.
By BBC Monitoring


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Moldovan diaries

The Moldovan Diaries is a multimedia, interactive examination of the country's ethnic, religious, social and political identities by Paolo Paterlini and Cesare De Giglio.

This innovative approach to story telling gives voice to ordinary people and takes the reader on the virtual trip across Moldovan rural and urban landscapes. 

It is a unique and intimate map of the nation.

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