Central Europe & Baltics

30 May 2011
A Mighty Fortress of Polish Television, Sacked Premium

Politics, inefficiency, and bafflingly bad staffing choices have nearly destroyed what was once a successful public broadcaster.

By Marius Dragomir
25 May 2011
The Danger of Taking Freedoms for Granted Premium

By staying silent on the threat to re-erect internal borders, Central and Eastern European EU members are sending a very bad message.

By Katerina Safarikova
23 May 2011
A Roma Vision for Eurovision Premium

Two years ago a Romani band stood up for the Czech Republic at Europe's biggest musical spectacle.

By Andy Markowitz
18 May 2011
Wrong Side of the Fence Premium
Gated communities continue to spring up across Poland with developers pushing a message of independence and security. But could they be doing more harm than good?
By Maciej Czarnecki
11 May 2011
A Wing and a Prayer Premium

A Hungarian priest’s idea for paying off the country’s giant public debt may be as good as anything the government has thought up.

By Martin Ehl
11 May 2011
(Task)Forcing Warsaw’s Hand Premium

Will a new attempt to get back looted Jewish property have the state of Israel meet the state of Poland (and others) in a courtroom?

By BBC Monitoring


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