26 May 2010
No Sex Please. And No Immigrants Either Premium

Hungarians don’t particularly like each other, so why would they like anybody else?

By Balint Szlanko
26 May 2010
Mongolia’s Uneasy Relationship With China Premium

Fast-growing economic ties are contributing to a new interest in things Chinese among Mongolians – and to manifestations of hatred.

By Alicia Campi
25 May 2010
Civilian Life Lures Polish Military Chiefs

After the Smolensk air disaster, the Polish military now faces an exodus of top brass ahead of proposed changes to the pension system.

By BBC Monitoring
24 May 2010
Neighbors Prepare for the Next Big One Premium
Satellites replaced sandbags as the countries of the Danube basin joined forces to fight floods.
By Thomas Orszag-Land
Dordoi bazaar Bishkek
24 May 2010
China’s Central Asian Triad Premium

Long cut off from its historical ties to Central Asia, Beijing now sees Xinjiang as a keystone of China’s security, development, and energy policy.

By Michael Clarke



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