12 February 2009
Pride, Politics, or Parties Premium
What Russians are hearing about the U.S. eviction from Kyrgyzstan’s air base.
By BBC Monitoring
11 February 2009
Bloggers Fear Draft Internet Bill
Parliamentarians in Kyrgyzstan are proposing legislation to restrict Internet freedom, media watchdogs say.
By EurasiaNet
11 February 2009
Overdue Condolences Premium
After a string of horrible losses, a crusading Russian newspaper finally hears “serious words” from the Kremlin.
By Dmitry Muratov
10 February 2009
When the Vault Opens, Will It Be Empty? Premium
There are noises about opening Ukraine’s secret archives, but will it really happen, and is there anything even left in them?
By Ivan Lozowy
9 February 2009
Another Near-Death Experience Premium
After only eight months at the helm, Slovak public television’s new management leads it into crisis, and possibly bankruptcy.
By Marius Dragomir
5 February 2009
Reasonable Doubt? Premium
Some young Russians have heard so many lies from their government that they can no longer tell real heroism from fakery.
By Galina Stolyarova
5 February 2009
Serious Football, Light History Premium
In this telling of his soccer odyssey, journalist Jonathan Wilson lays traps for the unwary even as he entertains.
By Neven Andjelic


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