8 January 2010
Insupportable Conditions Premium

As many ex-Yugoslavs exploit their new freedom to explore Europe, Kosovans are being left far behind.

8 January 2010
Pampered and Hungry Premium
Skopje wants to treat thousands of elderly to spa treatments. Never mind that they don’t have enough to eat.
By Ljubica Grozdanovska Dimishkovska
7 January 2010
A Not-So-Big Shtick Premium
He can’t out-muscle Putin, but a New Year’s lark suggests Medvedev knows how to score points, all the same.
By Galina Stolyarova
4 January 2010
The Promised Land? Premium
More than four years after their exodus to Canada, Czech Roma are still finding it hard to build a new life. But none, it seems, would want their old life back.
By Johanna Grohova
4 January 2010
Scandal in Bohemia

A degree-granting affair opens the Czech public’s eyes to a burgeoning problem of university governance and financing.

русская версия


By Michael L. Smith
23 December 2009
The Repression That Follows Repression Premium

As Uzbek leader Karimov’s post-Andijan crackdown intensified, a new opposition group was emerging – or was it a government ploy?

By Anvar Karimov
22 December 2009
Romanian Holiday
Christmas brings mixed emotions as the country ruefully marks the anniversary of its bloody revolution.
By Sinziana Demian



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