14 August 2008
On Ossetia, an Echo Chamber Premium
Much of the Russian public and media are convinced that its leaders did the right thing in Ossetia, and they place the blame farther west than Georgia.
By Galina Stolyarova
White House photo
14 August 2008
A Friend in Need
Signs of a blossoming democracy were evident in the Georgian capital. Can they survive the Russian incursion and the West’s inaction?
By Andrew Bennett and Leah Kohlenberg
7 August 2008
The Difficult Tween Years Premium
The failed WTO deal would have treated the new EU members like the old ones. Some weren’t ready for that.
By Balint Szlanko
5 August 2008
Farewell to a King Premium
The brilliant life of Saban Bajramovic, Serbia’s king of Romani music, ends in the shadows.
By Igor Jovanovic
4 August 2008
Rocking the Boat
Armenia’s new prime minister vows to combat graft and overhaul the government. But changes won’t come easily.
By Arpi Harutyunyan
European Commission photo
1 August 2008
Europe’s Shame Premium
Italy’s treatment of the Roma exposes the continent’s worst trait, and the EU’s inaction.
31 July 2008
Dead and Buried Premium
A government training exercise shows once again that Russia can't own up to its brutal past.
By Galina Stolyarova


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