3 July 2009
Jokes and Shrugs Premium
Bulgaria’s youth greet this weekend’s elections with a yawn or a snicker.
By Vesselin Dimitrov
30 June 2009
Electioneering on the Rocks Premium
In the Bulgarian capital, election campaigning goes down nice and easy on a hot summer day.
By Kristen Ghodsee
30 June 2009
No More Questions
More than a year after 10 people died in post-election clashes, the government shuts down an inquiry before it’s finished. From EurasiaNet.
By Gayane Abrahamyan
29 June 2009
Uneasy Interregnum Premium
The election rerun in Moldova is shaping up as a contest between generations and a test of the EU’s commitment to democracy.
By Dumitru Minzarari
29 June 2009
New Country for Old Habits Premium
Kosovo’s media, like the country itself, might be young, but they’re dealing with some old problems.
By Marius Dragomir
26 June 2009
The Vyatlag Archipelago
A reporter visits a Russian prison camp. From openDemocracy.
By Ekaterina Lushnikova
25 June 2009
Free to Not Rock the Boat Premium
Moscow’s moves to loosen its grip on some civil society groups are good news for poetry lovers, but probably not for protesters.
By Galina Stolyarova


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