17 December 2009
The Advent of Putin Premium

Fear and hope: How two prominent Russians viewed Putin’s first weeks in the presidency.

By Roy Medvedev, Boris Berezovsky
17 December 2009
Nowhere to Hide Premium

One of the backers of a proposed new whistleblowing law for Lithuania makes her case.

By Neringa Mickeviciute
17 December 2009
Legal Nihilism Premium
A police officer convicted of killing a critical journalist gets a slap on the wrist, and an international journalists’ rights group cries foul.
By BBC Monitoring
16 December 2009
Street Theater Premium
An American filmmaker who witnessed the fall of communism in Prague attempts to re-create the Velvet Revolution on screen.
By Daniela Ivanova
15 December 2009
Radical Islam Losing Its Appeal

Economic distress and repression by the Kyrgyz government are helping dampen enthusiasm for Hizb ut-Tahrir. From EurasiaNet.

By Alisher Khamidov

14 December 2009
Fox, Meet Henhouse
Not even taking over the OSCE chairmanship in two weeks has pushed Kazakhstan to implement real reform.
11 December 2009
Northwest Passage

A new generation of northwestern Bulgarians is searching for answers about 1989. From Kapital.

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