Bulgarian farmers protest
7 December 2011
Medvedev Comes to Prague Bearing Gifts, Bulgarian Farmers Protest Subsidy Cuts Premium

Plus, Saakashvili founds a new city and Jolie defends her Bosnian war movie against plagiarism claim.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, and Joshua Boissevain

6 December 2011
Controlling History

Access to the archives on one of Russia’s darkest periods could hinge on the outcome of a pending court case. From openDemocracy.

By Catriona Bass
Russian election video
6 December 2011
Hundreds Arrested at Moscow Political Protest, Danube Drought Hampers Traffic Premium

Plus, Belgrade compromises on Kosovo border posts and Vilnius clamps down on beggars and alms-givers.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, and Kaitlyn Meade
5 December 2011
Russia’s Manipulated Elections, Croatia and Slovenia’s Turns to the Left

Plus, a tale of one Russian, one Lithuanian, two failed banks, and a bailed-out airline.

By Barbara Frye and Ioana Caloianu
2 December 2011
The Twilight of Zhirinovsky

The aging standard-bearer of Russian nationalism appears to be on his last political legs.

By Aleksander Kolesnichenko
2 December 2011
Cat, Mouse, and the Russian Elections; Czechs Face Neo-Nazi Charges

Plus, activists catch Tashkent in child labor lie, and bad news for Russia, Ukraine on World AIDS Day.

By S. Adam Cardais, Barbara Frye, and Joshua Boissevain



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