21 December 2010
The Comfortable Confines of Art Premium

With subsidized rent and a skill in demand, an artist in Belarus can make a good living, but the appetite for challenging works is limited. A TOL Special Report.

By Ilya Kuzniatsou
21 December 2010
Cleaning House in Armenia

Top officials are being sacked in what is either a burst of integrity or a political show. From EurasiaNet.

By Marianna Grigoryan
20 December 2010
A Baton Blow to Belarusian Democracy Premium

Minsk had everything to gain by playing fair in this presidential election. Last night’s arrests and beatings might have cost it dearly. A TOL Special Report.

By Barbara Frye
20 December 2010
The Big Retrofit Premium

Virtually friendless and bankrupt, Minsk looks to create a more independent economy. A TOL Special Report.

By Christina Karchevskaya
17 December 2010
The Case for Luka

Pensions are decent and come on time. Minsk is safe. "What's not to like?" the president's supporters say. A TOL Special Report.

By Nasta Shamrey and Tanya Haurylchyk
16 December 2010
Croatia’s Scalp Collector Premium

With the arrest of the former prime minister, Zagreb finally seems serious about fighting corruption. Now to keep going.

By Tihomir Loza
15 December 2010
Leashed Potential Premium
Belarus’ IT industry is growing at an amazing rate, but it’s still thwarted by an outdated business model. A TOL Special Report.
By Christina Karchevskaya
15 December 2010
Reason for Optimism? Premium

One commentator hails the enlightened outcome of last week’s Russia-EU summit.

By BBC Monitoring



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