1 September 2010
A Silence Broken by Horrible Explosions Premium
Not enough of us, either Roma or white, are talking honestly about the Roma issue, with deadly consequences.
By Martin Ehl
31 August 2010
Still a Land of Possibilities

Ukraine may be rolling back some of the civic gains it made this decade, but  it’s hardly ripe for authoritarianism. From openDemocracy.

By Ingo Petz
30 August 2010
Remembering Mother Theresa Premium

Kosovo’s Roman Catholics are dedicating a new cathedral to the revered nun. A more fitting tribute would be to carry out her visions of peace and tolerance.

By Timothy Spence
transdniester flag
30 August 2010
Bumpkins vs. Mafiosi Premium

Even though non-communists have come to power in Moldova, the conflict over the future of Transdniester in some ways is a reenactment of the struggles of Soviet communism.

By Taras Kuzio
27 August 2010
The Frustrations of Albania’s Top Criminal Judge Premium

The chief justice of the Albanian Supreme Court says that political weakness is the main drag on much-needed reform of the country’s judiciary and insists that corruption is not the massive problem the EU and others claim.

By Bora Fezga

27 August 2010
Killing the Future Premium

As a new school year opens, students in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are in for more bitter lessons in propaganda, corruption, and time-wasting.

русская версия


26 August 2010
An Old Crime, Uncovered Premium
The discovery of a mass grave in the Czech countryside prompts a rethink of the early postwar years.
By Lubos Palata



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