12 March 2009
Into the Dustbin? Premium
As it crumbles, a monument in Sofia’s center forces residents and officials to consider the fate of this mammoth, socialist-era symbol.
By Vesselin Dimitrov
12 March 2009
One People, Two Worlds Premium
When an imam is convicted of child abuse, religious and secular Bosnian Muslims shout at each other across a divide.
By Tihomir Loza
10 March 2009
Gloomy Celebrations Premium
Has Hungary lost its way since the heady days of 20 years ago, or is that just the Magyar pessimism talking?
By Istvan Hegedus
10 March 2009
A Vanishing American Island Premium
As U.S. troops are sent packing from Manas air base, most Kyrgyz won’t miss this little piece of America in Central Asia.
By Abdujalil Abdurasulov
5 March 2009
Becoming Visible Premium
When Yugoslavia splintered, thousands of people who remained in their homes in Slovenia became foreigners without even knowing it. That looks about to change.
By Ales Gaube
5 March 2009
The Great Political Gamble
Competition among Russia’s elites is likely to grow as the recession makes resources scarcer. The country’s authoritarian system is ill-suited to cope.
By Vladimir Gelman



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