Ali Berat
4 June 2010
Macedonia’s Romani Imam

Ali Berat is a role model for many in his community, but others criticize him for exhorting Roma to abandon their traditions.

By Michael J. Jordan and Shejla Fidani
1 June 2010
Bricks, Mortar, and Hope Premium

A 12-year-old project to build decent housing for Roma in one Hungarian town looks set to pay off for generations.

By Barbara Coons
1 June 2010
Dagestan’s Sufi Monopoly

The authorities in Russian Dagestan heavily favor a variety of Islam that some local Muslims reject as impure. From Forum 18.

By Geraldine Fagan
27 May 2010
Kazakhstan and China: A Two-Way Street Premium

Can Chinese goods and investment help raise living standards and nurture democratic growth in Kazakhstan?

By Kenjali Tinibai
26 May 2010
No Sex Please. And No Immigrants Either Premium

Hungarians don’t particularly like each other, so why would they like anybody else?

By Balint Szlanko


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