Igor Mikhailov
29 October 2009
Right Decision, Wrong Reason Premium
A human rights watchdog gets the boot, but not because he did his job.
By Galina Stolyarova
29 October 2009
Dead Soles Premium
In Partizanske, Slovakia, a mighty producer of shoes under socialism, the free-market transition remains a work in progress. A TOL special report.
By Michael J. Jordan
29 October 2009
Details, Data, and Delays Premium
Even the judge in charge of it has deep misgivings about Bosnia’s plan to prosecute thousands of war criminals.
By Velma Saric
27 October 2009
Empire of Lies Premium
The case of Alexandr Podrabinek is serious, as are the many others we never hear about.
By Oleg Panfilov
26 October 2009
Still Comrades After All These Years Premium
In some corners of the old Iron Curtain, it’s not just frustrated pensioners who still hum the “Internationale.” A TOL special report.
By Anita Komuves
26 October 2009
A Pandora’s Box Premium
As an online community starts to develop in one of the most closed countries of the world, observers wonder about the government’s motivations.
23 October 2009
The More Things Change Premium
The fall of communism meant drastic changes in doctors’ relationships with patients, hospitals, and the state. And much more paperwork.
By Boyko Vassilev, Lucie Kavanova, Anita Komuves, Wojciech Kosc, Pavol Szalai, and Sinziana Demian


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