26 August 2009
A Sinking ‘Island of Democracy’
The ‘tulip revolution' raised hopes that Kyrgyzstan would become Central Asia's democratic holdout. Those hopes were premature. From openDemocracy.
By Ben Judah
26 August 2009
Round the Danube Bend Premium
Those upstart Slovaks are at it again, sneering at the nation that ruled them for a thousand years.
By Balint Szlanko
21 August 2009
A Raid to Remember Premium
Czech police claim a major blow against violent extremists, and there is hope they may not be overstating the case.
20 August 2009
Central Asian Women Migrants Grapple With Uncertainty
Central Asian women go abroad to work mainly for money, but also to see the world. From EurasiaNet.
By William O'Connor
17 August 2009
Barriers and Borders Premium
Serbia has traveled far on the EU’s road map to visa-free travel for its citizens but hurdles remain.
By Igor Jovanovic
houdova billboard_53
17 August 2009
Planting Seeds of Good Deeds Premium
An unconventional Czech beauty queen builds an international children’s charity on the backs of mainly American volunteers.
By Veronika Bednarova
13 August 2009
A Lost Culture, Found Online Premium
From tending graveyards to creating online shtetls, more non-Jewish Poles are resuscitating their country’s Jewish heritage.
By Marjorie Backman
13 August 2009
Eastern Europe's Muppies Premium
Once yuppies, now middle-aged, a generation of leaders learns the region’s, and their own, limitations without abandoning their ideals.
By Boyko Vassilev


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