27 March 2012
Kazakh Terror Trial Opens, Black Sea Neighbors Tussle

Plus, Tashkent again shuts off the gas to Tajikistan and Tallinn debates the merits of free bus rides.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Joshua Boissevain and Stephen Underwood
27 March 2012
On the Belarus Executions, Many Reasonable Doubts

Killing the accused and destroying the evidence hardly settles the question of guilt or innocence. From openDemocracy.

By David Marples
27 March 2012
Lustration Laggards Premium

While portraying itself as the party of “decommunization,” Fidesz can't decide if it wants to fully open the communist-era secret police archives. 

By Martin Ehl
26 March 2012
Greedy Geezers in Uzbekistan, Deadly Russian Feud in London

Plus, another presidential run-off is slated for South Ossetia and Minsk sees a rare opposition rally.

By Barbara Frye, Joshua Boissevain, and Ioana Caloianu
26 March 2012
A Pressure-Resistant Entrepreneur in Kyrgyzstan

How an Italian businessman became a fixture in the Bishkek business community, against all the odds.

By Askar Erkebaev
23 March 2012
A Shadowy Guerrilla Force in Kosovo, Bosnian Vets on Hunger Strike Premium

Plus, Czech education chief resigns and Ukrainian Holocaust memorial vandalized.

By S. Adam Cardais and Joshua Boissevain



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