17 February 2011
Last in its Class

Bulgarian teenagers can read words on a page, but many don’t know what they mean.

By Boryana Dzhambazova
16 February 2011
‘I Haven’t Yet Got Rid of the Soviet Habit’
Some of Russia’s leading cultural lights explain how they came to denounce Mikhail Khodorkovsky six years ago. From openDemocracy.
By Mumim Shakirov
15 February 2011
A Tragic Balkan Fish Story
The Ohrid trout has lived in its Balkan lake for thousands of years, but the last 20 have pushed it to near-extinction.
By Uffe Andersen
11 February 2011
The Nero of Dushanbe Premium

Tajikistan fails while its president busies himself fighting perceived Islamists.




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