9 December 2016
A Grim Anniversary?

Twenty-five years after, the majority of Russians mourn the collapse of the USSR, and its reverberations into their private lives. 

8 December 2016
How Belgrade Became a Hub for Sex Change Surgery

Medical tourism for gender reassignment surgeries is becoming increasingly popular in queer-unfriendly Serbia.

8 December 2016
Berliners Challenge Dismissal of Polish Cultural Center Head

Did the Polish government fire the Polish Cultural Institute in Berlin’s director for focusing too much on Jewish issues?

7 December 2016
Bridge over Troubled Water

A village on the “border” of one of the self-proclaimed separatist areas shows the complexity of carrying out international plans to withdraw troops from Eastern Ukraine.

By Tatiana Kozak
7 December 2016
Ordinary Russians Might Get a Taste of Kremlin Delicacies

Planned online shop will feature dairy products previously only available to the political elite.

7 December 2016
Transylvanian Pilgrimage Site Latest Bone of Contention between Ethnic Hungarians and Romanians

Less than a week before parliamentary elections, Ministry of Culture accused of not supporting the push for a potential UNESCO site. 

5 December 2016
Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Soaring unemployment and an economic crisis are pushing more and more Azerbaijanis to seek their fortunes abroad.

By JAMnews



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