21 October 2016
Albania’s Two-Headed Refugee Crisis
While the number of Albanians seeking asylum in Germany spikes again, the country is also facing a domestic refugee problem.
21 October 2016
Kazakhstan School Hijab Ban Upheld

Adopted in January, the ban, which prohibits any kind of religiously affiliated clothing, has not deterred students from wearing hijabs until now.

21 October 2016
Romania the Leanest, Central Europe and Baltics Among Heaviest In the EU

Eurostat survey shows positive correlation between age and obesity, and a drop in obesity as education levels increase. 

20 October 2016
China Flexes Its Muscles in Central Europe

China threatens to take action against Slovakia after President Andrej Kiska meets with the Dalai Lama, while Czechs send mixed signals.

19 October 2016
Tatars Mark One Year of Blockading Crimea

A few hundred protesters vow not to let up the pressure until the peninsula is back in Ukrainian hands.

By Tatiana Kozak
19 October 2016
Czech Underwater Cave Found to be World’s Deepest

An expedition has revealed that an underwater limestone cavern in the eastern part of the Czech Republic is 12 meters deeper than the former world record-holder in Italy.

18 October 2016
How Hungary and Poland Have Silenced Women and Stifled Human Rights

In the women’s movement in Central Europe, there are few moments to celebrate. 

By Andrea Peto and Weronika Grzebalska



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