6 September 2017
Refugee Quotas Are Legal, Brussels Tells Budapest and Bratislava Premium
The EU has also refused to pay for a wall Hungary built at its Serbian border, reminding the country of its decision to ‘reject an offer of concrete solidarity’ during the 2015 migrant crisis.
5 September 2017
'Transparent' Account Backfires for Czech President Premium

Dozens of citizens send small bits of change along with insulting messages for Zeman.

4 September 2017
Shirtless Putin and the Future of Russia Premium

Should we read anything into the latest macho poses of the president?

By Peter Rutland
31 August 2017
Montenegro Coup Plot Thickens Premium

Trial set to resume next week of locals and Russians suspected of trying to assassinate PM and install pro-Russian government.

30 August 2017
Maverick Russian Economist Fears Kremlin Retribution Premium

Sergei Aleksashenko denies newspaper story claiming he was detained in Moscow with valuable Soviet medals.

29 August 2017
Warsaw, Brussels Face Off in Judicial Dispute Premium

Poland has rebuffed the European Commission over its “groundless” complaint about controversial judicial reforms.

28 August 2017
Romanians Vent Fury in Latest Anti-Government Protests Premium

In what has become a recurrent feature of Romanian life, opponents rally against a political class seen as corrupt and insensitive.



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