12 February 2016
Romanian Tax Chiefs Sacked Amid Fraud Inquiry
Pair allegedly gave tax breaks to lawmakers and others involved in a scheme to capture almost $7 million meant for the Roma minority.
11 February 2016
Tajikistan to Hold ‘President-for-Life’ Referendum

If the vote succeeds as expected, veteran leader Emomali Rahmon will be able to establish what amounts to a political dynasty.

8 February 2016
Ukrainian Premier Wagers Political Future on Corruption Fight

Shock resignation of minister is putting Kyiv’s reform commitments under unprecedented scrutiny.

4 February 2016
Romania Suspends ‘Prison Publishing’ Loophole
Convicted politicians and wealthy businessmen have shaved months off of their sentences by publishing ‘scientific work’ while behind bars.
3 February 2016
Ukrainian Minister Labels Poroshenko Ally Corruption Mastermind

Aivaras Abromavicius quits, accusing president’s man of trying to implant shady officials at the Economy Ministry.

2 February 2016
Serbian Defense Minister Sacked for Sexist Remark

Bratislav Gasic has refused to step down despite outcry over his remark to a female reporter.


29 January 2016
Kremlin Slams U.S. Over Putin Corruption Claim

A White House spokesman backs up U.S. treasury official’s assertion of Russian leader’s secret riches.

28 January 2016
Tajik President Names Daughter Chief Of Staff

‘Leader of the Nation’ Emomali Rahmon is reputedly seeking a constitutional change that would allow his eldest son to become president in 2020.





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