25 July 2016
NATO and Russia: The Road Ahead

Did the Warsaw Summit represent a significant new development – as is argued both by NATO lobbyists and by the blowhards in Moscow?

By Peter Rutland
22 July 2016
Albania Approves EU-Friendly Judicial Reforms

The Balkan country bows to demands from Brussels and Washington for a more transparent legal system.

22 July 2016
Azeri Leader Asks for Greater Powers

Proposed constitutional amendments would strengthen president’s control over parliament, limit freedom of assembly and property rights.

22 July 2016
Macedonia’s Feuding Pols Bury the Hatchet (Again)

Macedonian parties agree to a deal that could finally end a bitter dispute between conservatives and social democrats.

19 July 2016
Russian Heads Roll in Doping Scandal

Allegations of state-sponsored doping during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics might lead to Rio Games ban.

19 July 2016
Almaty Shooting Suspect Identified

Lone gunman adopted radical Islam in prison says security chief. 

14 July 2016
Status Quo Prevails in Abkhazia After Failed Referendum

Incumbent President Raul Khadzhimba remains in power after a referendum calling for early elections had 1 percent turnout.

13 July 2016
Poland Plans Partial Takeover of Private Pension Funds

Government announces major pension reform; former security officers might face the first cuts.




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