2 September 2015
EU Extends Sanctions on Russia
Uptick in Ukraine violence strengthens union resolve to keep up pressure on Moscow.
2 September 2015
Beijing Parade Draws Putin, but Few Other World Leaders
Serbia’s president tries to drum up more Chinese investment.
2 September 2015
Ukraine Coalition Weakened as Rightists Quit

Death toll rises to three after far-right groups assault parliament.

1 September 2015
Ismayilova, Fierce Critic of Aliev Regime, Jailed
Plus, Tajikistan bans Islamist party and a blacklisted Russian singer is given permission for EU entry on medical grounds.
1 September 2015
Hungary Arrests Migrant Traffickers
More tension with neighboring countries as Hungary stops trains, ejects migrants.
1 September 2015
Nationalists Assault Ukraine’s Parliament
The worst unrest since the Maidan massacre hits Kyiv as the far right flexes its muscle.
right sector
20 August 2015
The Right Sector Phenomenon: Between Patriotism and Banditry

Nationalist militias are the government side’s best fighters in the Donbas war. On the home front, they could also become its greatest liability. From Slon.

By Taras Bogdan
Russian opposition merger
19 August 2015
Russia's Democratic Opposition On the Ropes

Rejections in Novosibirsk and Magadan, a small breakthrough in Kostroma mark the Democratic Coalition's efforts to take part in Russian local elections. From Global Voices.

By Will Wright



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