3 October 2007
A History Revealed
A photo exhibit offered the Czech public a rare glimpse of the Roma killed in the Holocaust.
By Sejla Fidani and Goran Jovanovic
28 September 2007
Minority Report Premium
TOL SPECIAL REPORT: Uzbekistan, like all of Central Asia, is overwhelmingly Muslim. Those who take the lonely road to Christianity remain an oddity to many of their countrymen.
By Marina Kozlova
26 September 2007
Hijab Politics
TOL SPECIAL REPORT: A Tajik student fights for the right to wear a head scarf, but Islamic leaders see little chance for success.
By Igor Rotar
26 September 2007
The Soul Snatchers Premium
TOL SPECIAL REPORT: Uzbek television presents a chilling portrait of the work of missionaries. From Forum 18.
By Felix Corley
25 September 2007
Earthly Loyalties Premium
TOL SPECIAL REPORT: Russian Orthodox believers face problems in Uzbekistan, but the church remains one of the most reliable supporters of President Islam Karimov’s regime.
By Marina Kozlova
24 September 2007
The Region at a Glance
20 September 2007
Silent Screams Premium
Europe’s politicians can’t stop running away from honest debate on coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims.
By Katerina Safarikova
14 September 2007
Birth Control Premium
Paying people to have babies in Nagorno-Karabakh overshadows the need to resolve an old conflict.
13 September 2007
Crime Drama Premium
The handling of high-profile murder investigations shows that the Russian justice system needs radical improvement, starting at the very top.
By Galina Stolyarova
11 September 2007
Giving Up Premium
Many Russian businesses have grown fat, but attempts to share the bounty often die on the altar of bureaucracy or indifference.
By Galina Stolyarova


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