14 January 2016
Kremlin Critic Found Dead in Moscow Home

Vladimir Pribylovsky was a political commentator and author of several books detailing Vladimir Putin’s rise from the KGB to the presidency. 

12 January 2016
Steven Seagal is Now Serbian

The Hollywood action hero, who has also described himself as “Russian,” will open a martial arts school in his “new homeland” of Serbia.

18 November 2015
IAAF Names Team to Monitor Russian Athletics

Runners accused of doping in sensational report say they’ll sue WADA and a German broadcaster for defamation.

16 November 2015
Oxfam Accuses Bulgarian Gangs, Border Police of Refugee Abuse
Migrants tell of widespread extortion, robbery and violence by criminal gangs and police alike.
16 November 2015
Poland’s New Leaders Reject Refugee Quotas
Warsaw wants ‘security guarantees’ before it will take in more migrants, and one top official says refugees should be trained to ‘liberate’ their homeland.
13 November 2015
Uzbekistan Releases World’s ‘Longest-Serving’ Political Prisoner
Opposition politician, activist Murod Juraev was repeatedly tortured during his 21 years in prison.
11 November 2015
Reuters Outs Putin’s Daughter

Mathematician-dancer’s partner is son of Putin associate, does business with other oligarchs.

2 November 2015
Bucharest Authorities Warn Club Fire Death Toll May Rise

Investigators say club had only one exit and no sprinkler system.

30 October 2015
Azerbaijan: Born to Be an IDP

More than 20 years after the Nagorno-Karabakh cease-fire, hundreds of thousands of Azeris displaced by the war still live in wretched conditions.

By Vusala Alibayli and Famil Mahmudbeyli
19 October 2015
Lohvinau: Publisher Who Defies the Lukashenka Regime Premium

Svetlana Alexievich may won international acclaim as the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, but at home only a single publisher has braved government hurdles to print the laureate’s literature.




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