30 June 2015
Migrants Riot at Hungarian Camp, Albanian Police-Murder Suspects Arrested

Plus, an OSCE mission reportedly comes under fire in Ukraine, and Azerbaijan opens a naval base on the Caspian Sea.

By Clare Speak, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Thomas Chan Tsz Chun
26 June 2015
IS Plants a Flag in North Caucasus, No Serbian Trial for Ex-Bosniak Commander

Plus, Kosovo hits allegedly Iran-linked groups, and Hungary’s tobacco-trade reform raises competition concerns.

By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Thomas Chan Tsz Chun
15 June 2015
Quickie Russian Citizenship in Transdniester

The consulate in the breakaway region of Moldova is reportedly creating lots of new citizens, who might need to be protected one day.

By Halya Coynash
9 June 2015
A Brief History of Anti-Americanism in Modern Russia

Or how contemporary Russians came to see the United States as Enemy No. 1. From

By Denis Volkov
8 June 2015
G-7 Sanctions ex-G-8 Partner, Pope Preaches Peace in Sarajevo

Plus, Baku tells the OSCE to start packing, and the author of the Prague Spring manifesto dies at 88.

By Timothy Spence
27 May 2015
What It’s Like to Be Hated Online in Russia

Four targets of abuse share their stories. From Afisha/the New East Network.

By Nina Nazarova
19 May 2015
Early Education Incentives for Romanian Kids at Risk

An NGO’s radical idea – food for poor families that send their children to preschool every day – could become national policy by 2020.

By Lina Vdovii
uzbek refugee camp
14 May 2015
Fearful Silence Is Andijan Massacre’s Legacy

Ten years after Uzbekistani security forces brutally suppressed a mass demonstration in Andijan, many of those who fled to Sweden are still traumatized. From

By Dean C.K. Cox
7 May 2015
Macedonia’s Political Crisis Turns Violent, Lithuania Runs Military Drills Around LNG Terminal

Plus, another opposition leader is sentenced in Azerbaijan and Hungarian xenophobia is highest in more than a decade.

By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Casper Frederiksen
4 May 2015
Georgia’s Twisted Transition

A misguided love affair with neoliberalism has pushed aside citizens’ well-being and even democracy. From openDemocracy.

By Bakar Berekashvili



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