9 February 2017
Bulgaria Wants Recognition for Ethnic Kin in Albania

The intricate ethnic mosaic of the Balkans comes up for debate – with help from a U.S. congressman.

8 February 2017
Azerbaijan's Jews: Hard-Won Harmony

The Caucasus country’s deep-rooted Jewish community is holding on in the face of massive emigration. From Meydan TV.

By Gunel Movlud, Aziz Kerimov, and Gaji Gajiyev
3 February 2017
Kremlin Critic Critically Ill in Moscow Hospital

Supporters of Vladimir Kara-Murza suspect he was the victim of a second attempted poisoning.

3 February 2017
Dialing Up the Diaspora

After years of promises, Armenia’s leadership President Serzh Sargsyan says it’s high time to get Armenians abroad more involved in development policy, but will the diaspora even be interested? 

By JAMnews
31 January 2017
Three Confess to Kadyrov Assassination Plot: Report

Though details remain sketchy, the affair seems to center around a feud between the Chechen leader and a prominent local family.

25 January 2017
The World’s Best Female Chef in 2017 Hails From Slovenia

Despite the country's legacy of bland communist cuisine, and her own lack of prior culinary experience, Ana Ros earned a place at the top of the gastronomical world with her creativity and locally sourced ingredients.

18 January 2017
Russian Higher-Ups Question Teacher’s ‘Pornography’ Conviction

The video used to convict the young teacher was also evidence in a case she helped bring about.

Hasan Huseinov
3 January 2017
An Empire Divided by a Common Language

'Sovietization' by means of Russian was devastating both for the Russian language and other languages across the old USSR, linguist Hasan Huseinov argues.

By Kseniya Turkova
22 December 2016
The Anger Beneath Premium

For those seeking a Western orientation for Moldova’s future, the victory of Igor Dodon was a devastating loss – as their opinions aired in a popular Moldovan newspaper showed all too clear. From Ziarul de Garda.

12 December 2016
The Question of the Poor East Premium

A success story at first glance, southeastern Poland’s development is still lagging behind in areas needed to make the locals happy.  

By Martin Ehl



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