24 July 2014
Lost in the Flood

Shoddy, illegal settlements and more frequent weather catastrophes make the Balkans’ Roma communities increasingly perilous places.

By Mariana Ionova
22 July 2014
What’s in a Number?

It's been 12 years since Macedonia conducted a census, but it could still be too soon to contemplate.

By Uffe Andersen
Lili River Kazakhstan 100
21 July 2014
Destination Kazakhstan?

The Central Asian country lifts some visa requirements but still needs to smooth some rough edges to attract tourists. From

By Joanna Lillis
11 July 2014
Georgia’s Pankisi: No Jihadist Hotbed Here

A commander in the world’s most feared Islamist militant group may hail from here, but locals say it’s hardly a terrorist breeding ground. From

By Paul Rimple
11 July 2014
Torture, Abductions in Eastern Ukraine, Pilot Caught in Ukraine-Russia Standoff

Plus, no early release for a Serbian war crimes defendant, and a meningitis outbreak in Armenia?

By S. Adam Cardais, Ioana Caloianu, and Madeleine Stern
9 July 2014
Crimea Bans Another Tatar Leader

Flimsy ‘extremism’ accusations fuel repression of the peninsula’s indigenous people.

By Halya Coynash
2 July 2014
Ajla Terzic: A Not So Simple Life

The Bosnian novelist and journalist talks about growing up in wartime, Yugoslav pop, and why Bosnia needs to move on.

By John K. Cox
27 June 2014
Baku's Unchecked Abuses

Recently banned from traveling abroad, leading Azerbaijani rights activist Leyla Yunus says the West is turning a blind eye to the Aliev regime’s excesses.

By Shahla Sultanova
Old woman Transdniester 100
24 June 2014
Dorotcaia, Caught Between East and West

Villagers on Moldova’s Russia-EU fault line live divided lives.

By Lina Vdovii
19 June 2014
Bosnia Casts Massive Corruption Dragnet, Ukraine Probes Pipeline Blast

Plus, the Czechs drop their human rights qualms about business with China, and Ukraine’s president wants to liberate detained journalists.

By Barbara Frye, Mane Grigoryan, Marketa Horazna, Rebecca Johnson, and Madeleine Stern



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