24 January 2012
The Best of Intentions

Hungary’s man in charge of Roma integration seems to care about the task at hand, but does he have the resources to make real progress?

By Martin Ehl
17 January 2012
Poland’s Quintessential Small Business, Under Threat

The ubiquitous secondhand stores are being squeezed by modern shopping malls on the one hand and “exchange markets” on the other.

By Martin Ehl
16 January 2012
The Digital Counter-Revolution

Digitization, hyped as the savior of Eastern European TV, instead is bringing us more of the same old thing.

By Marius Dragomir
11 January 2012
The Lives of Others

A child-abuse trial says more about Czechs’ worldview than they might realize.

By Katerina Safarikova
10 January 2012
Gray Eminences Premium
Viktor Orban relies on some dubious characters to stay in power.
By Martin Ehl
5 January 2012
A Bulgarian in Yankee Land

A trip to America can cast light on the absurdities and strengths of your own homeland.

By Boyko Vassilev



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