15 February 2012
Orban in Retreat

Presidential plagiarism might be the least of the Hungarian regime’s political headaches.

By Balint Szlanko
14 February 2012
Lessons for a New Kind of President Premium

Next year, Czechs will have a popularly elected president for the first time.

By Martin Ehl
7 February 2012
No Longer So Powerless Premium

Protests across Central Europe suggest a disconnect between the masses and politicians, who cling to an elitist view of policy-making.  

By Martin Ehl
2 February 2012
Hit the Gas Premium

In Bulgaria’s bitter debate over shale drilling, rational argument gets lost behind the eternal battle lines of Russia versus the West.

By Boyko Vassilev
24 January 2012
The Best of Intentions

Hungary’s man in charge of Roma integration seems to care about the task at hand, but does he have the resources to make real progress?

By Martin Ehl
17 January 2012
Poland’s Quintessential Small Business, Under Threat

The ubiquitous secondhand stores are being squeezed by modern shopping malls on the one hand and “exchange markets” on the other.

By Martin Ehl


Call for Videos: Where Have the Winds of Change Blown You?

For most people in TOL’s coverage regions, life changed fundamentally 25 years ago. For good or ill, they are leading lives few could have anticipated before the fall of communism or the Berlin Wall.

We’d like to hear some of those stories. We’re looking for short videos of your reminiscences or of how you’ve fared since. Of your triumphs or disappointments. How have the events of late 1989 shaped your life? Click here for more information and submissions guidelines.

DEADLINE - November 24, 2014.


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