19 March 2012
Sweet and Cold, Strong and Bold Premium

Zoltan Teszari’s entry into the news business could mark a watershed for the Romanian media.

By Marius Dragomir
14 March 2012
Faceless but Powerful

Why do Eastern politicians so often hide in the off-the-record world?

By Katerina Safarikova
13 March 2012
Dzurinda Rides Into the Sunset, Again

The Slovak right tries to find its way in a country where parties have a way of becoming history.

By Martin Ehl
1 March 2012
Princes and Paupers

The EU says Bulgaria is getting too rich too fast, but it doesn’t look that way to most Bulgarians.

By Boyko Vassilev
23 February 2012
Criminalizing Difference

Laws against “gay propaganda” are sweeping across Russia, creating scapegoats and solving a problem that doesn’t exist.

By Galina Stolyarova
21 February 2012
The Big Letdown Premium

The closed Schengen door is leading to a feeling of betrayal in Romania and Bulgaria.

By Martin Ehl


New Ebook - Hard-Pressed: A quarter-century of Central and Eastern Europe's media under the pressures of autocracy, corruption, and capitalism



The fall of communism brought with it expectations of an unfettered press safeguarding the young democracies of Central and Eastern Europe. But for the region's media, the past quarter-century has turned out to be much less uplifting. From oligarch-controlled television stations to politically partisan newspapers, from woeful ethical standards to outright corruption, the media often fall far short of acting as independent watchdogs over their societies, despite the existence of some scrappy publications and feisty reporters willing to uncover official wrongdoing and expose poor governance. If that weren't enough, the region's press has been hit hard by the same trends transforming the media around the world, including an explosion of alternative forms of entertainment, the growth of social media, decreased advertising revenues associated with the rise of the Internet, and general economic malaise. Get your copy here.


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