25 September 2012
Smarter Defense Premium
Finland could teach a few lessons on military preparedness to the Baltics and others.
By Martin Ehl
19 September 2012
From A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away? Premium

Is the Hungarian prime minister the product of a time warp, or is he just warped?

By Balint Szlanko
18 September 2012
Herding Cats in Budapest Premium
The only way the opposition in Hungary can succeed is by uniting, but there seems slim chance of that.
By Martin Ehl
12 September 2012
Why Gazprom Isn't Looking Forward to 2014 Premium
With shale gas discoveries, liquefied gas, and an EU anti-trust probe, the Russian giant's dominant position will certainly weaken.
By Martin Ehl
11 September 2012
When New Technology Meets an Old Mindset Premium
Given the politicization of broadcast regulators in Central and Eastern Europe, media watchers should keep a wary eye on regulations restricting video on demand.
By Marius Dragomir
6 September 2012
A Lecture From a Forgotten Professor Premium

What might seem like just another anniversary of a forgotten scholar strikes a chord in contemporary Bulgarian society.

By Boyko Vassilev



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