24 February 2015
Russian Demons in Central Europe

Many of the region's citizens have an aversion to anything Russian. That is to their detriment.

By Martin Ehl
18 February 2015
The President, Lies, and a Video

In defending Russia, the Czech head of state adopts the Kremlin’s approach to the facts. 

By Katerina Safarikova
10 February 2015
A Family Affair

While the debate preceding Slovakia’s referendum on same-sex marriage was often harsh, the discussion should help the country in the long run.

By Martin Ehl
5 February 2015
Farewell to a Dissident President

Bulgaria’s Zhelyu Zhelev deserved in life the praise now being heaped upon him in death.

By Boyko Vassilev
27 January 2015
Brick by Brick

Moves to dismantle recently established pension systems show a profound lack of vision.

By Martin Ehl



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