25 August 2015
State Business

The economic development of post-communist states is being hijacked by short-term political interests.

By Martin Ehl
19 August 2015
Conflicts of Interest: Press vs. Public

For the oligarchs who control the Czech print media, the purpose of owning a newspaper is to acquire a ‘nuclear shield’ against critics.

By Katerina Safarikova
17 August 2015
Tajikistan: Anxious Times on the Afghan Border

Dushanbe watches increased Taliban activity near its borders with rising concern. From EurasiaNet.org.

12 August 2015
Bulgaria’s Edgy Relationship With the Vox Populi
The people want their voices heard, but referendums are not deeply rooted in the political culture of Central and Eastern Europe.
By Boyko Vassilev
11 August 2015
An Independent Leader Put to the Test

With a tough parliamentary election campaign ahead, will the Slovak president’s exceptional politics prove successful?

By Martin Ehl
28 July 2015
Fear of the Unknown

Central Europeans have much more experience being emigrants than welcoming immigrants.

By Martin Ehl



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