13 February 2014
School’s Out Premium

The wave of Syrian refugees into Bulgaria isn’t just a humanitarian crisis – it’s an educational crisis, too

By Ivaylo Spasov
10 October 2013
The Mirror Image of Nagorno-Karabakh Premium

At the top, the rhetoric over the disputed territory is increasingly bellicose, but among the region’s people, it hits a proud and mournful note.

By Bulgarian National Television
31 July 2013
Songs of Themselves Premium

The millennia-old musical tradition of aitysh remains relevant in modern Kyrgyzstan.

By Aibolot Aidosov
10 January 2013
Looking Back to the Future
TOL slide show: Daily life is often a struggle for survival in Tajikistan’s remote and restive east
By Alec Forss
15 March 2012
In Kyrgyzstan, a Feeling for Felt

TOL video: Nomadic tradition makes a mark in haute couture, and in Kyrgyz women’s economic lives.

By Dina Tokbaeva
6 March 2012
Pictures of an Opposition

TOL slide show: Following Putin’s re-election, Russians pack a Moscow square to rally against the old new president.

By Katherine Brooks
29 February 2012
Tracking the Habits of the Russian Political Animal

TOL Talk: A Russian sociologist considers the divisions in his country and the chances for democracy to take root.

By Barbara Frye
23 December 2011
Political Harmony Premium

The Hungarian parliament heard a lot of raised voices this year, but none so sweet as these.

By Peter Murphy and Attila Volgyi
4 November 2011
Tajik Falak and Tuvan Rock Premium

TOL podcast: Rock, folk, and world music artist Lu Edmonds on the music of Central Asia and his work to preserve and promote it.

By Andy Markowitz
14 October 2011
Working Hard to Make a Living Premium

At an age when most Bulgarians are retired, a shoeshine man in Sofia keeps working to supplement his meager pension.




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