23 October 2006
Nobody Expects the Language Inquisition! Premium
A Russian-language Kyiv paper investigates complaints that Russian speakers are harassed in western Ukraine.
By BBC Monitoring
19 October 2006
NATO Expansion Talk Worries Moscow Premium
If NATO continues to extend its reach, Moscow may look to form a new counter-bloc, argues a Russian foreign analyst.
12 October 2006
Deportations, "Idiotic Activism," and Grapes Premium
BBC Monitoring took note of the changing tone of TV coverage as the Caucasian situation cooled off to a steady simmer.
10 October 2006
Professional Activities Premium
Anna Politkovskaya's death proves yet again that in Russia, investigative journalism is a hazardous occupation.
6 October 2006
Bosnian Serb Leader On Top Premium
Bosnian Serb politician Milorad Dodik emerged as most important figure from the 1 October election, a leading Sarajevo paper writes.
2 October 2006
Russia's Move Premium
Georgian journalists and politicians try to predict Moscow's next move in the fast-changing game of words over alleged Russian spies.
25 September 2006
Mayor, Find Me a Wife
Serbia’s free access to information may be guaranteed by the law, but the citizens of Kragujevac are having a hard time getting what is theirs.
By Olivera Ilic
18 September 2006
Death in Prison
A journalist and rights activist is found dead in a Turkmen prison just three weeks after being convicted in a widely-denounced trial.
By EurasiaNet
5 September 2006
Sifting Through the Evidence Premium
Two years later, investigators say the Russian government is trying hard to bury the truth about the Beslan school siege.
By Catherine S. Osgood
4 September 2006
Government Condemned Over Trial
"Niyazov himself decides what prison sentences are to be handed down."


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